Can someone help me with my game?

I am Ember.Y

I want help with my game. Here is the link: Adventures on Vironia

First I want help with the first level sprite. My idea is that when the cursor hovers over the ‘First level sprite’ it activates the sprite’s animation.

use the mouseclick behaviour and the over and out outputs

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Ok I’ll try that.

Thanks, @Galactian

Next I would like help with Pausing my game.

use the pause behaviour

make the ui for the pause menu checked as “don’t pause when game paused”

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Do I make a new sprite to put the behavior in?

just use the control panel object that you should already have to control fullscreen and other behaviours common to each scene

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I have Fullscreen on my player character though.
Does that make any difference?

(I gotta go now bye)

A new day has started which means I can now work on my game.

Can someone help me now?

That’s a weird place to put fullscreen. It would be better to be in the UI object that you click to enter fullscreen. Just fix that, and add a pause behaviour in your other UI
just click
“don’t pause this object when game paused” and you don’t have to add any other behaviours.

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Sorry I couldn’t be on Flowlab yesterday.

How do I make the object follow the character?
If I made an object that the player would click on to enter Fullscreen then it would just stay there.

Go into the GUI layer, make the object there.
All GUI stays in the screen in their position nomatter where the camera is.

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Ok, the fullscreen works, now I just need pausing.

How do I make the game resume?


pause behaviour


Most problems can be solved with a simple method: just fiddling around
If that doesn’t work just ask.

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This is what I have. I also want an animation to play when the player presses on the pause object. Do I use 2 pause behaviors or only 1?

you need a toggle. click once, pause. click twice, play.

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What about the animation though?

Im pretty sure animations don’t play when a game is paused, but i’m not sure.

If so then how would I make the pausing object look like this:

And not like this when paused?