Can someone help with art

i want to give RaN a makeover (aka retexture) so please help ( also idk if i should put this in help requests or art, sounds, music)

what do you need help with IN SPECIFIC

just retexture for noob,ground, clouds (maybe clouds idk i thing they look good), UI and icons

so you want someone to do labor that normally costs money for free?

theres not much stuff

Just redo it yourself and build upon your past work. @Baron_Wasteland is most likely, if not definitely, Flowlab’s best artist and they also have a topic specifically for this (I think it’s okay to revive this specific topic because the OP is still active): I can help if you need art advice woop woop! - Art, Sounds, and Music - Flowlab Community

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sorry for the late reply but yeah, absolutely I would love to help anybody with art advice! I’m an art student and working hard on joining the gamedev industry with my art skills so I think I know what I’m talking about for the most part (if you were wondering about my credentials ig)

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