I can help if you need art advice woop woop!

Hey, I’m Baron Wasteland, you may or may not know me as the artist who worked on the January 2020 Flowjam runner up game NYCTOPHOBIA (https://flowlab.io/game/play/1319512) and the July 2020 Flowjam winning game Escape the Rewind (https://flowlab.io/game/play/1454781), or maybe you just like my art that I share on instagram (@thebaronwasteland) or on twitter (@BaronXwasteland). I made a post nearly a year ago saying I’d make some art for you if you needed it. Turns out, I’m not the most active Flowlab member and I’m also prone to forgetting small favors I promise people. Since I’d rather not continue to dissapoint people, I decided I’m changing up the offer!
I WON’T be making art for you, but I’ll gladly give you feedback, advice, tips, any mentor-y stuff you need for pixel art, or just art in general! I’m always eager to help out in that way and will answer any question you may have about how you can improve your own art skills and game graphics, if you need it! If you need help with concepts and coming up with design ideas, I can also provide assistance, so ask away! (:

P.S.: I sometimes forget to go on the forums from time to time, so if I’m taking a while to respond, you can totally DM me on discord, I’m sugarcube#2019

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Well, what do we have here? Something to turn me into a super saiyan in Pixel art? Sign me up :joy:

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But really, I am having some trouble with making depth in my pixel art

what do you mean by depth, do you mean perspective? generally, I use tones and shading to determine depth. the darker something is, usually the further it is away from you.

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Ok, yeah that’s what I meant that helps

glad to help (:
feel free to show me how your art progresses if you like