Can we get any help for reducing lag/slowness?

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I fixed all my lag by getting rid of Proximity, if it’s possible replace it with collison or ray-cast.

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collision can also be quite laggy, I’d just use a shorter raycast for that. But if your not using too many collisions can be fine

I only use collision because it can be used to send messages super easily

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Cool game, but I would suggest putting the letters on the things that kill the notes. Without these, you can get confused easily.

I don’t see any lag whatsoever in your game, it runs perfectly fine for me.
Could you say where or how its causing lag? That would be much more helpful to look at.

But here a few tips I can suggest.

  • Lag can be caused by too many objects existing at once. Stuff like creating longer floors and walls, as well as using a spawner for enemies (or for this game, spawning the notes).
  • Proximity and Raycast can cause lag, but that’s only if there is a lot of objects that can be scanned. It’s really bad to use a very large range that a lot of things can be in. If your using a small proximity or Raycast, there probably isn’t a problem here.
  • As well as my first point, using too many objects is the biggest problem with lag. This also goes for particle effect, solid objects, and moving objects.
  • Additionally, there could be confusion of what counts as lag. As a rythem game, your biggest problem is getting the game to sync with the music. This is because the music in the browser needs to be louded every time you play it.

Also @Ramshackle, I’ve never seen collision itself causing lag. Do you have an example?


It might have been fixed, but in the past collisions always seemed to slow down the game for me.

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Exactly. This occurred when I was making an FNF spin-off in flowlab. The. Timers. Were. Inconsistent. It just takes a little bit of guessing and hoping the timers aren’t completely off their mark. Also, when making this type of thing, NEVER TRUST THE IN-CODE TESTER!!! Always go to the actual game (not in the editor) to test. It’s tedious, but must be done.

Not sure why not trust the editor view, there should be nothing wrong with it.

I would actually suggest making a mapper that Flowlab can read instead. Create your marks/timestamps for the songs outside of Flowlab and then importing/translating it into Flowlab. Then you just need the music to play with your mapper (in which I suggest asking the player if the music is working before starting).


Timer inconsistencies were fixed in the Game Controller update:

@JR01 is right though - even with perfect timing, the issue will be trying to ensure that the timers and the music begin at the same moment in a rythm game because of load time variance across players.