Can we get folders plez?

1.makes it easier to find your objects can send a message to everything in that folder
tell me what you think @grazer

You can use custom bundles to put code together. You can also put inputs and outputs for bundles.

any type in the folder like all the enemys are in a enemy folder and you want to send something to all the enemies without adding a bunch of messsage blocks

Oh you mean folders for objects, got it

Objects folders are something that we already requested, but it’s great that others are also interested in it.

About your “send something to all the enemies without adding a bunch of messages blocks”, that’s what globals are for:

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almost forgot about those

It’s also what parent objects are for. If you have an “Enemy” object type, make that the parent of all your enemy object types, and then just send your messages to “Enemy” objects.

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Object groups would still be cool though, I agree.


Oh it would help so much.

Especially if you could use the object group as a filter option when you select items, like emit/spawn/message, so that the selection list only shows the objects from that group.

At the moment it is sometimes annoying and hard to find a specific object when the list gets long.

Maybe ‘group’ as another option beside the ‘parent’ option and than a filter option for the editor interface and mentioned selection boxes.
Might be easier to implement than folders and more flexible???