Hello, I am meburningslime, long-time user of Flowlab. Many people love reviews, but I like more challenging ideas.
What is this forum about? I will post a hardcore challenge that you can do through making a new game, and whoever wins gets a point.
Oh… And did I mention the winner will be featured as a character in my new game?
So, good luck! I hope to see some great games and good people here soon!

The First Challenge:
No Texture.
You have to create a game using only the blocky 4-color blocks that come when you make and object AND/OR full-color blocks. As soon as three contestants say they join, I will start a 1-week timer for completion.

@“The Kodex” @TheForgotten @todorrobot @grazer @seamothmaster45 @“BEBE YODA” @YouMakeEm @rcreger

Please count me out. I have other things to do, and when I get to go on, I barely have time.

@The Kodex @TheForgotten @todorrobot @grazer @seamothmaster45 @BEBE YODA @rcreger @browngr @BitWit

can we animate the blocks?

Yes, but within restrictions of the sprite.

Other than @F3Art ,is anyone participating?

how long do we have for this challenge?

2 weeks.


@rcreger @“The Kodex”

Yeah, I might be able to put something together for this. I have some mechanics that I could test out. Im trying to finish up something else but its nothing pressing.

@meburningslime I might if I have time :slight_smile:

I will be rating off of:
Storyline/Concept (Optional)
Graphics (Invalid for this one, instead sound)

Halfway done! How is everyone doing?
@“The Kodex”

Hoping to take a crack at it this weekend. Can we resize the default block larger or smaller? Can we recolor it as long as it is either solid or maintains the X pattern? Might be hard to make a game from shades of green, other green, blue, purple, hot pink and beige. (Where does thIs strange color pallet come from anyway @grazer)

Yes yes yes.

@todorrobot the color palette comes from this:

hsvToRgb(Math.random()*360, Math.random()*0.6, 0.55)


hue -> random value between 0-360
saturation -> random value between 0-0.6
value -> random value between 0-0.55

The official name for this palette is now “green, other green, blue, purple, hot pink and beige”