Characters for Flowlab: All Stars

Flow-Boy + Girl






Captain Neo














Pumpkin Maniac








Princess Luna

this will be updated soon.


down attack, up attack, side attack, recovery, side special, down special, regular special, taunt, all star

The Pumpkin Maniac
Normal: Vine Slash
Normal 2: Seed Spitter
Special: Head Bomb
Special up: (Not sure what this is, power up move?)
All-Star: (Not sure either)

Vine Slash: Usually just a whip made from pumpkin vines, a more close range attack
Seed Spitter: Pulls out a gun that looks like its made from vines, a small pumpkin is inserted like a magazine and then it fires a round of pumpkin seeds, each only doing a small amount of damage, but the fire speed is very high and has a lot of bullets.
Head bomb: The character pulls off his own head and rolls it away, the dried stem on the top becomes a fuse and the head becomes an explosive. Since the pumpkin maniac is made up of plants, his head grows back after each use, but takes a considerate amount of time to recharge since the bomb can do loads of damage in a large crowd.
Special up: I’m not entirely sure what this is, but I’m assuming its like a custom power up for the character.
All-Star: Idk what this one is either, lol.

I’ll update this later on so I won’t spam multiple comments about this. Also you forgot to add my character, lol. But I said that I planned on making it myself so you don’t have to have another character to work on, but I figured that I better start with the basics and have a good concept.

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all star is its ultimate attack and special up is supposed to be the recovery animation.

What about sam??? Is he going to be added later?

…sam is up there…

@ShadowGaming who is robo?

ohh wait isnt that his name? well, it?

is this the player from a stitch in time? cuz it doesn’t have a name yet.

but I’m naming it soon

okay and yes. (2020202020) i just gave him that name until, you know.

@ShadowGaming I think I’m gonna call it cobalt it’s a blue gem type thing which is also a name (there’s a blue gem on it’s face)

oh cool, ill add it :)!!! also wanna be part of my team? or no.

oh, what taunt do you want?

yah sure, invite me if you want. I’ll have to think about the taunt thing.

okay cool! (2020202020202020)

whose flow?

Jace, the Apprentice
Normal: Staff Whack
Normal 2: Gravity Pulse
Special: Magic Missile
Recovery: Blazing Star
All-Star: Temporal Rift

Staff Whack: A light and fast melee attack forwards, pretty self explanitory
Gravity Pulse: A slower pulse attack originating from the tip of the staff that hits all around, low damage but high knockback scaling
Magic Missile: Fire a bolt of energy that follows the nearest opponent, does high damage but relatively low knockback
Blazing Star: Stay still in the air for a second and aim in the direction of movement, then dash a far distance in that direction, dealing damage on contact. Long end lag
Temporal Rift: Freeze everything but yourself for 5 seconds and shoot 10 bolts of energy at the nearest opponents that freeze midair after a moment, then time slowly returns to normal, the bolts unfreeze before the players unfreeze


@ShadowGaming I Changed Some Controls (For Blocky) Like, Normaly The Dash Was, a, or d, + o. I Changed It To “L” Only L, Because It Made No Sense Firstly.

flow is what i named the default characters in flowlab.

thats the controls for super smash flash. the way i made them.

I Play Super Smash Flash Too (Somtimes) Because I Dont Have A Nintendo Consle. The Only Thing I Changed Was The Dash Thats All I Needed.