(Conflict) in My Game

There Is Always An Conflict On My Game When Im Editing It, So I Want To Know WHO’S Editing My Game.
(Comment) To Tell Me.

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Is it like dev team problems or…

The only dev teams I’m apart of is Ramshackle’s Subject 14 game, thats about all.

I Dont Have A Dev Team u Sus

I was a little confused cause you kept asking who was editing your game. I figured that the only way for someone to edit your game was if they were on a dev team, right?

No (Charecter Limit)

Yeah thats the only way for someone to edit your game so someone’s not telling the truth or is super not smart :3

Hey @pixelknife31 post a link so I can check out the game. If it does not have any team assigned to it, you should definitely not be seeing that message.

Link: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1507879

Adding this feature would help?

Thanks for that link @pixelknife3

I took a look and you’re definitely correct that team editing is disabled. Is there one specific aspect that is triggering this message? I mean, is it when you edit a particular object? is it just when editing behaviors, or just sprites? Is it very occasional, or does it happen very reliably?

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Um, It Only Happened 2 Times In My Life, 1 Was (idk)
Second Was, Yesterday (Friday)

So, It Happened When I Was Going To Make Another Animation For The Object “Tank”
When I Was Done It Read “Conflict Found” ._.!!

Oh, And @grazer Can You Make The “Infanit loop of logic” A Little Less Scary

I Made Another Game And I Playtested It (I Did’nt Know There Would Be An Infanit Loop Of Logic

And When It Popped Up I Littterly Almost Had A Heart Attack. Its Not Scary, But Can You Make It

Where You Can Atleast Expect It To Come.