Cotton Game Jam

Hi, flowlab game makers! Just here to make a unofficial game jam since headless horsemen was banned. The jam will start on Tuesday and you have about 4 days to make a game. Max players will be unlimited and I need three judges. Thank you.
There is no theme, you can make any game type for this game( expect no inappropriate stuff)

-cotton studio Production


Done :sunglasses:

There will be three winners thank you
I dont know whats the price but i’m thinking about putting your game in itch

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ok deadly smiles
I will be one because i made the Cotton Jam

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Anyone could do that, but maybe get a gift card and send the winner the code if they win

I don’ t have multiple smiles but yeah ok

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hmmmmm maybe soon later when i make another game jam, this one is only for fun

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  • Judge

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there should be 3 judges and unlimited players only


Just to make it easier make it show people who voted

oh ok just new to these stuff

wow what happen to the players?

we need more players for the jam

Yes we do need more player

The game jam is starting tomorrow Pls get ready for the big game, and also we need more voluteers please.

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I am still judge btw

Actually I’ll be a player

Done :sunglasses:

Ok sorry for the late replay ok thank you we need at least three more

@cottonstudio has annonced to me that the Game Jam starts now.


Yes the gam has begun

two cottons… hmmmmmm