CubeTales 3: Flames Of Destruction Devlog

Cloning the game broke all the LoadLevel blocks, don’t worry I know how to fix all of this.

I just noticed that the Cublocks have been removed.

This image fr scares me



GameJolt demo is out btw

CubeTales 3 concept art (robot body for Cuby, helmets, sunglasses)

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I’m saying this as a good thing. You think these bots are weak scrubs until you fight them in level 7. The slippery snow and slope-y level design make them formidable foes.

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It was all part of the plan

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Who’s playing CT in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Egypt, Poland, and Russia?

Cuby supports Sharia Law, mashallah /s

I saw official Japanese Transformers artwork of a group of female Decepticons and that post has inspired me to draw the CubeTales 3 robots as anime robot girls, which I will do tomorrow.



The best cube ever!


I just have to finish the Blaster and then color. I’ll post black & white and colored versions when I’m done. The drawing contains Gamma, Rusher, and Blaster right now but I might add the Buzzer and more if I have space.

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I’m updating the dialogue document and Sierra level to be more boss fight-y. I think the current impersonator (the blue one) could be the leader, and he would lead a bunch of other color ones.

  • Added trees
  • Removed fire background
  • Added more impersonators

I just coded the impersonator so that one specific copy is the blue leader while all the others are minions under the leader’s command. I did this all in one object.


Known characters cube colors:

  • Cuby (British spelling is Cubey): blue
  • Cecilia: pink
  • Valerie: purple
  • Impersonator: blue (always darker than Cuby’s)
  • Cyril: cyan (I just made him up right now, he could be the first cube created by the ancients and therefore is an old man, I hope nhgcr accepts him into canon lore, also he is a skin for Cuby in the updated CubeTales 2)
  • Impersonator 2: green (this cube was killed and turned into an evil robot, you were supposed to fight him in CubeTales: Sparks of War but that game is kinda in development heck rn)
  • Impersonator 3: yellow (same as previous)
  • Impersonator 4: orange (same as previous)

If a cube dies they just vaporize, so that doesn’t make sense

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Well they took the DNA or something and built an evil robot based on a cube after they killed the cube. Or while the cube was captured. Idk this lore was made before you got serious about CubeTales’ continuity

I’ve already told you the lore of the Impersonator, they copy the appearance of other things.

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I forgot that sorry. Maybe those guys can be just cube robots then. And they just happen to look like missing cubes. You could literally have the protagonist solve an intriguing mystery and deepen the story of a game but instead you choose the lore?