CubeTales (And NeoMetal) Series Lore

old game cover for the OG CubeTales

Cobalt digital vector art illustration renders

old sprite of the red circle guy from CubeTales 2

pixil-frame-0 (3)gamecircleboss

VERY OLD CubeTales 3 logo and possibly obsolete CubeTales Remastered logo


CubeTales 3 logo variations (obsolete)


CT logo new

Old obsolete CubeTales 3 game page theme backgrounds

CubeTales: Sparks of War logo variations (obsolete CubeTales 3 style) + classic style logo

CubeTales SoW updated game logo 2023 part 1 alt
CubeTales SoW updated game logo 2023 part 1


Screenshot 2023-05-28 214706

why was this in my CubeTales folder

Jeff the Rizzler - Jeff the Killer dank creepypasta meme 2023

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I have gotten absolutely no work done on the wiki.

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Can I help? I’ve got a backlog of knowledge and information about the games themselves, mostly their history, and I could also provide images because I have a whole lot of those.

The Void page on the wiki has been updated with this information!


Cool. More games to theorize on!


Anyone can help, as long as they make a account.

I don’t know about how accurate any of your information would be, but I can’t stop you.

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Minor suggestion: name the planet and other such articles after their more “human pronounceable” name and keep the technical “sciencey” name inside the article. This is so that the article is easier to search for and talk about.

An example of this being done elsewhere is on Wikipedia. For example, the article about pigs is simply called “Pig”; while the scientific name is still present near the top of the article. Basically, this is the practice of naming a wiki article after the more commonly-used name for the thing the article is about.


Is this accurate? I just typed it.

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It’s pretty accurate, don’t see anything wrong there

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Thank you for the confirmation. I will create more informative articles about the CubeTales series’ (history) as soon as I can if it is fine by you.

Additionally, I have a few questions for you. Should CubeTales: The Beginning Remastered have its own article on the wiki, and should it be considered a separate game?

4 more questions (all wiki-related and you don’t have to answer right away 🙂)
  • Should the publicly released games be linked to on their respective wiki pages? (if yes, this has already been done for CubeTales 3D)
  • Should I add videos (for the games) on their pages? By this I mean gameplay, animations, and VFX showcases.
  • Is it appropriate to create articles for characters that may have been retconned? Like the red circle boss from CubeTales 2.
  • Just to confirm, is the lack of the word “spherical” from the title “CubeTales 2: Revelations” a deliberate change or a typo? (I don’t remember if I asked this before)
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Since Remastered is more of a retcon I didn’t feel it necessary to talk about the 2 separately, but you can add a section in the CubeTales: The Beginning page of you want

Yea, this is fine

If you want to do this, just run the videos past me before uploading them there

No, we don’t want to bloat the wiki with stuff that isn’t relevant

Yea this is intentional

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Wow, thank you for answering so quickly.

Ok, I’ll run a character (or thing) by you to ask if they’re still canon or not.




This is something I’ve been curious about for a while; what genre do you guys think my world fits best in?

Dystopian science-fiction.

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This is my first time writing any kind of coherent story, so feel free to share your thoughts:

A heartfelt apology to mobile users

The thunderous sounds of a rain unlike anything the city had seen before drowned out the usual drone of the thousands of vehicles and commuters. The head of the International Expedition & Archaeological Committee gazed out the window at the scene dozens of stories below, lost in thought. This week had been full of grand revelations regarding the history of this universe humanity called home, and with it came new concerns. How could an entire planet’s ocean evaporate in such a short period of time? Was it a result of the folly of the native alien life, or something much more sinister?

The door slid open silently behind, and along with it came the words he had been so anxiously anticipating.

“Sir, we’ve translated the contents of the tablet to Standard, have a look.”.

The text made his blood run cold. His worst fears had been confirmed. Someone, or something, had caused the complete devastation of planet DS-102-100 in mere decades. The alien society, in its final moments, had written this text as a warning to any who may come after the truth.

They referred to them almost reverently as “The Divine Wings”. How anyone could call beings that committed such atrocities divine was beyond him. Perhaps Heaven has a sick sense of humor.

“Contact the president, now. This is too dire to be overlooked.”.

A few minutes later, the president of the Earth United Government receives a call on the contact line reserved for the most dire of crises.

“IEAC…for you to have contacted me through this line…what do you have to share?”


“Is that so?”

“I agree, we must treat this with utmost severity.”

“I’ll inform the galactic guard immediately. Until I say otherwise, not a single word of this revelation is to be provided to the masses. We must prepare an answer for this potential threat.”


Deep within some hidden laboratory, scientists, engineers, and researchers toiled away at the government’s secret weapon.

“Rejected again. Said it ‘doesn’t meet their criteria’. Well, I’d be real happy to KNOW what these ■■■■ criteria are!”.

“Cool down Spyke, don’t want to blow a gasket. I get where you’re coming from but we have to comply. We’ve gathered a list of 23 creatures who possess strong offensive or defensive traits that we could incorporate into our designs, however we’re not fitting all of them into one subject. I’d say to incorporate no more than 12 in any iteration.”.

“Even with those restrictions, do you realize that there would still be an absurd amount of possibilities? In order to test every iteration we would need over 1 million subjects, which I don’t think we have the time or patience for.”.

“Unfortunately, the alternative is questioning the government’s actions, and you know how that has ended in the past.”.

“I suppose you’re right. Let’s just hope we can wrap this all up soon.”.

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Excerpt from a research document found on DS-101-100. Despite being found on the same planet as the recently acquired tablet that informed humanity of the seemingly sinister “Divine Wings”, it was written in a completely separate language, and as such its author is unknown.

When a being with large amounts of aether dies, and its essence is not properly disposed of, it begins to bloat and fester, manipulating and corrupting the aether flow around it. Left unchecked, this “dark aether”, as many have come to call it, can ravage entire planets, remaking all in its twisted vision, assimilating all else into it, an infection of cosmic scales. We have already lost several worlds due to our negligence, as once the assimilation process begins, it is nigh unstoppable.

This effect can also be observed when large amounts of lesser aether beings have their essences coalesce into one mass.

Note that this cosmic blight holds nothing in common with the abyss, for abyssal matter is completely benign, although incredibly volatile.

“Abyss” and “Abyssal Matter” most likely refer to what we call Void, which points to this civilization being just as, if not more, technologically advanced than humanity.

“Aether”, “Dark Aether”, and “Essence”, however, elude me completely. Perhaps their true meaning will be revealed with time.

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I wonder if anyone has figured out who’s writing these yet

Is it you?


No I mean which in universe character is writing these

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Oh… darn… I don’t know then.

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