Darkening Days: An Eternian Story Team Discussion

All Posts for this game will be directed here, Special thanks to @GGSTUDIOS for allowing this development for getting underway.

find a block in your game and store animations in it, then i want you to start working on the character i showed you last week.

hey team mates i managed to get the intro set up check it out and if you need something to work on make animations for the slime and eye bat.

i added a story mode level lemme make something in story real quick (P.S i have a free account

this is gonna be a top down game right?

no, it is a platformer

also i already have a story for my game

then i messed up imma so dumb lemme fix

No i mean i clicked the story mode button and it did nothing i was trying to make a level to teleport to when you click

i like the grass though

i didnt have one because i wasnt sure where i wanted the player to start

thanks i deleted it already though grass is in the library though!

make the player start in a village

the level wouldnt be just “Story mode” it would depend on which city they would start in.

oh well ya is correct

thanks for the help :slight_smile:

your welcome (CRAZY things: Im in THREEE dev teams!!!)

im in like 4 or 5 teams

WOAH!!! (well im making a game of my own heres the link

My Big game

The Dark Chronicals (WIP)