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After a long-ago name change, I have decided to make it official: DarkStar Studios is making games under that brand.

This forum will be an announcement forum for upcoming projects, and will be a chance for all to share their opinions and advice on projects.

There are approximately three projects that I am working on at the moment. They are:

Temple: platformer

Brain Storm: platformer/puzzle

Ace Vanguard II: Drifter-shooter

None of them are at a stage ready for critique as of now though, so it is best to be patient until those later dates.

Forum Policy
For argument prevention reasons, this thread will be run by my (grazer friendly) rules. These include:

No swearing

No memes

No off-topic discussions

No bickering (pointless or heated fighting)

This forum is for DarkStar Studios projects and game-making advice and shall only be used for such. Any posts that break this policy will be flagged by yours truly.

DarkStar Studios Policy
I am committed to providing unique and exciting games to all, for the price of little. As of now, though, DarkStar Studios consists of me, is run by me, and is still learning even the fundamentals of game making.
I will not be hiring or inviting anyone into this company, unless I know you personally, but everyone is invited to provide their insight on current and future DarkStar projects.

Thank you to all future participants, and thank you all in advance for your invaluable insight.

-DarkStar Studios, the storytellers union.


Very coolio, also your new name is also coolio :upside_down_face:

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Also, which project is the one you are most excited for? Just asking :upside_down_face:

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Brainstorm: Fever Dream
This game is about a kid who was hit by an alien spaceship. The alien, seeing an opportunity, imbedded itself in the kid’s (Jake’s) mind, where it traps Jake in a hellish mindscape. Jake has to battle his way through the individual parts of his brain, until he reaches the part where the alien resides. The following battle will determine whether Jake makes it out, or is lost in his own mind forever…


Sounds fun, can’t wait to play it when it comes out :upside_down_face:


Thanks. This game will be awhile since it’s still in concept phase, but I’ll make sure it’s fun and plot rich. Also, I feel like including a funny teaser:

Cornelious, the vine
This vine, who loves puns, is your guide for the beginning of the game. Telling you how to solve the first puzzles, and generally being a lovable, if weird, character.


The vine is a character? That’s some big brain world building if I’ve ever seen it :upside_down_face:

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Thanks! I decided to incorporate the ‘fever dream’ part into the actual game with wacky characters, puns, and strange (but fun) puzzles, many of which are still being designed.


I am not reading all of that I just read the rules and
(Proceeds to go back and read all of it)

I want to say something but its off topic so im just gonna say :slight_smile:

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Thank you, @meburningslime for being the first example :slight_smile:. It is important we keep memes elsewhere so that it’s easy for new comers to know what they are going to read based on the topic name. If anyone would like to post memes, please head to the nearest Off-Topic Channel. Thanks!


New Annoucement- The Lost Temple of Amerigo

Previously known as Temple, this game will feature an explorer who ventures deep into the jungle to find the lost Temple of Amerigo. He will discover many traps and dangerous beasts in his quest for the hidden building, but the rewards will be great.

-So far, I have been unable to formulate an acceptable backstory and driving motivation for my character, but I think I’m getting closer. Anyone have ideas about this?

-The Tutorial has been done, but is susceptible to change still.

-Level two is underway.

-Added Traps include:
Guillotine-style falling traps
Poison-Dart Traps
Being Squished
[Your Ideas]

More on this soon. A working beta level is almost complete!

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You could have puzzles and stuff that you must complete to get to a new room, like a sliding tile wall where you have to match up an image or something. Just an idea.

Anyway this project sounds super cool and can’t wait to see it.


That’s actually a really cool idea! Thanks!


A brief concept sketch of the puzzles I have so far.


Hello, everyone.
I thought about a feature I might add and wanted to hear from you all:

I’m thinking of adding a shop into the game. The shop will be accessible from inside levels, and it’s own designated level. It will sell things like projectiles and temporary boons (you’ll get the permanent boons in-game).


That sounds cool!

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Thank you! If you have any advice or ideas to contribute, i would love to hear them!

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I have some advice, and my ideas might not be good, but here are a few of my ideas.

Traps + Puzzles

Like @“ManiacPumpkin” said, a lot of puzzles is a cool idea, and I am thinking when it comes to this style is maybe you have to place a special item in a bowl, and if you get the wrong one it sets of traps? And maybe make a puzzle when there are three statues, and then you think, ‘well its another puzzle’ and you think that you have to move the statues or something, BUT ACTUALLY… you just can push the door open instead? Maybe to trick the player… Like I said, these might be bad ideas.

Vines and Growth

I think you are on the right track, just add in a lot of vines! It always makes the affect better!


I am so exited, and can not wait until this comes out! Please keep up the good work! Good luck!


Those are all very, very, lovely things!


Thank you, @GameMaster107
I think you are selling your trap ideas a little short :joy:. They’re brilliant!

Also, I know what you mean about the plant life being essential. In fact, I might add some traps and puzzles involving carnivorous plants (cause vines had to be the third thing I added into the game).

I’m also really excited about this game, and excited to see what you all think of it!