Deformable Terrain / Elevation Generator

I promise it looks better than the game thumbnail:

I made this using a modified form of my lighting equation; it’s an example of a basic elevation map. You can add, move, delete, or adjust each individual point of elevation (imagine each point like the center of a mountain or valley).
I guess this is just to provide an elevation map example that could both stand on its own or be integrated into other map generation systems.


Brilliant job, just 1 problem. The game runs at 5 fps. The FPS drop is probably due to constantly running what the terrain should look like, but unless a point is adjusted all code should be turned off. (if grazer added an option to completely turn off bundles that would make things much easier)

So I’m going to assuming that if used for map generation, after you have generated the points you would be able to delete them and everything would work like normal at ~60 fps.

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Correct, every other frame it recalculates the height at every point XD

So yes, it would need to be stopped / “turned off” once it’s done for real use in games; the recalculation every other frame is mainly to make it more interactive. Everything but the terrain blocks themselves can be deleted, since their color, animation frame, and rotation are the only result that matters in the end.

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astroneer flowlab edition!??

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This is so pretty :star_struck:

It feels like I’m creating maps and art pieces at the same time :smiley:

The “minus point” button isn’t working btw, but great work! It is working, you just have to select a point first duuh samuel


Thanks, glad you like it.
To remove a point using the button, you first have to click on the point to be removed, then click the button; is that what you’re doing? Because if so then that means it must not work on pc (assuming that’s what you’re using). And if that’s true, that means it only works on mobile (which is what I’m using) and it must be a behavior timing issue or something like that.


Ah, no my bad. It works, I didn’t have any point selected oops