Discobot is not amused

divide by 0 @discobot

@discobot divide by 0

My apologies. I didn’t see an off topic topic, which is why I put it into “uncategorized”.

I absolutely do not mean to clutter up the legitimate forums. I was hoping there was an actual “off topic” category here, but if there is, I wasn’t able to find it. :slightly_frowning_face:


“Backup Off Topic Channel of Destiny”

The original one was closed due to too many flags.

It must not be open to me… :confused:

EDIT: Is it invite only? Members only? Whatever the case, if it exists, I don’t have access to it.

Here you go!

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So it was a secret club after all!

Is the password “password”? Don’t bother trying to teach me the secret handshake, I’ll never get it right.

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I do not think so… can you join it?

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You might have it on muted so you don’t get information on there being messages on there.

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I can post in it, but is it an actual channel or just a thread? There is a difference.

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I have no idea… I just know it is off topic stuff…


For explanation - the last Discourse game forum I frequented had an entire “off topic” channel, called the “Community” channel… where anyone could talk about anything without fearing the “off topic” flag. That included stuff like puppies, movies, music, food, poetry, fan fiction, jokes, memes, other games, “forum games”, rebellion groups, etc. But each of those had a separate thread within a set category.

They had other categories, like “Updates” where you were only supposed to talk about game updates; “Bugs & Issues” where you were only supposed to talk about actual bugs (though that topic was often cluttered with posts from people whining that they lost a battle that they thought was unfair, which was not a bug, just a normal part of the game)… a “General” category for things only related to the game itself; a “Gameplay & Tactics” category related only to “how to git gud” subjects, etc. In most topics, it was strictly forbidden to post off topic. But in the “Community” category, it was (almost) always acceptable to post “hi, hello, how are you? How’s the weather there?” type replies.


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