Do You Guys Think Grazer Should Make Rcreger's Game "A-Box", a Featured Game?

C’mon Guys, vote! @grazer , I would love it if you could make @rcreger 's game, “A-Box”, , a featured game. Please do! Everyone, please say so here if you want it to be featured to!

Thanks @cthornock ! @grazer said it’d be there - eventually.

Anytime @rcreger ! It really deserves to be on the front page.

Just saw it, please do it @grazer !!! Looks great @rcreger , good luck!

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t think it’s THAT good. I mean it’s not bad, I just don’t think it’s front page material. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game. But in my opinion, Zombie Beach Party and The Graveyard are much better.

I think it should be a little more… Complete.
Grazer did say he would when the game is finished

I think its good it just needs another feature. Something thats unique for story games.

Good luck @rcreger

Everyone, since you think it needs a bit more, what do you have in mind for that?

This is in response of @“JR 01” and @“Johnny boy”

And I do get what you mean @“Biscuit Butter” - Graveyard definitely blows A-Box out of the water. Then again, GalacticoS got the front page, and that didn’t even have sound at the time. It is all up to @grazer .

Thanks though, everyone! I’m not really sure - even for my own game - it is really ready for other users to see it on the front page, as it is not comparable to other featured games, and I can name a plentiful amount of games that deserve to be there, such as DRIVE, Kid’s Quest (I’m not tying to suck up, it was actually a large inspiration for A-Box), upcoming Luca’s Tale, maybe even Rise. But hey, if he gives it to me, who am I to decline?

Thanks, and wish me luck! A-Box is still not “complete” and will continue to receive updates, but not many will be major (maybe one or two). Have a great day!

Oh @rcreger,
I didn’t realize you finished the game levels already, the description says 0.6 instead of 1.0 so I presumed. I haven’t been able to play since you before your last update. The game is good and complete as far as I can see. The boss movement could be better, but the game is complete; begging to end.

Oh okay @“JR 01” , I might need some help with some new boss movement, and I’m planning a second ending for the game which you’re able to fight back (The version right now is the “moral” ending, the new one would be called the “aggressive” ending).

Thanks for the input, and checking out the game. I don’t know if I told you this yet, but you are credited for programming and the special thanks, if that helps. Have a great day!

Hey @“Johnny boy” , what mode would fit that? I don’t have anymore levels (using free) but I have about 10-12 objects left. I’m planning to add more story elements with them, but could there be something more? I’d appreciate any feedback from anyone.

No problem @rcreger ,
another thing is if you make an ending where you just survive until a timer ends (or boss looses power),
You may need to make a wall (with no friction) instead of using floor for the wall. I could just endlessly jump and avoid all the attacks in the corner.

Actually @“JR 01” , I was thinking, since there are two different versions of T.0.DD in the first level and the boss level, that I could make it so you can shoot back at T.1.M (why am I even trying to type the names exactly? I don’t know) or possibly maybe just explode in front of T.1.M, which takes health, making some more challenge.

I have also realized this while playing the boss level, and will be added soon after I finish the second possible ending. Thanks for the feedback, this really helps!

I’m surprised @grazer hasn’t respond to all of these “@”'s yet :lol: He had posted something for the HTML updates not too long ago.

Hey, @rcreger - I added A-Box to the featured games list. It will start showing up when the page cache expires (happens every 12 hours).

Thanks @“Johnny boy”

Thank you very much @grazer , it is an honor to have one of my games there! I really appreciate it. Have a fantastic day!

Congratulations @rcreger

Alright @rcreger ! Great job!

I should be thanking you @cthornock , but thanks anyways!