Doors Of The Kings


Open the Door

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the topic for Doors Of The Kings, here I’ll be posting updates, new content, teasers, and some community votes. And if you have questions or feedback I’d appreciate it!

Also, happy holidays everyone!

Thank you for being patient with me, some of you may know that I recently became sick, I thought I was fine but then I became bedridden for a short amount of time.
At the time of writing this my condition is getting better so hopefully by the end of 2021, or the beginning of 2022, I’ll have fully recovered and bounced back!

Now coming back to the Project Key, or rather Doors Of The Kings, I’ve got a few things about the game and its development!

What will the gameplay be about?
Taking after games like The Binding of Isaac, DOTK will be a roguelike with slower-paced combat.

To explain the gameplay I need to explain how the system works. There are Floors that contain Rooms that contain Doors.

Floors are basically levels, every time you reach the end of a floor you move down, difficulty increases every time you move down a floor.
Rooms are the play area, this is where you fight, where you obtain loot, and where you do everything.
Doors connect rooms together, different doors lead to different rooms, you can’t go back through a door once you’ve opened it meaning you can’t return to previous rooms.

In the first Room players will be presented with 4 Doors to choose from, some of them will be item rooms while some of them will have combat, the player chooses one to enter which will lead them to a Room.

There are a few types of Doors: Combat, Mini Boss, Boss, Challenge, Item, Shop, Blessing, and Event, each type leading to a different type of Room.

The player needs to pass through 5 different room segments in order to progress to the next floor.

Each floor has a unique random property, excluding the first floor.
Some may give debuffs to the player or disable some of the player’s items, these properties increase with difficulty and lower floors may even have multiple properties.

Combat will rely on the player’s timing skills, in terms of mechanics gameplay will be very slow, the player will need to time their rolls, blocks, parries, and counter-attacks to be able to defeat enemies.

How frequently will updates happen?
Once a week, if there are no complications, I plan to complete small parts of the game each week, whether it’s a simple animation or a new enemy I plan to at least share some info on the development of the game starting next year.

What will be expected in the early stages of development?
Not much, The first few weeks of development next year may be slow, this is because 1) I need to prep for school and 2) the winter Flowjanm will be taking place, so while I do plan to participate I will continue to plan out the main mechanics of the game.

If you have questions feel free to ask!

This is the second-ever game I really tried to make, my first being a small platformer called Moon Light, which was a few years ago so Doors Of The Kings will be one of my first experiences making a game by myself with all the skills I’ve learned so I’m excited to be able to work on something like this.
Thank you to everyone for showing support and excitement for this game!

Merry Christmas, I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!



We have to pay money then. ok.




Ah, well that’s a typo…


This sounds like it will be an AWESOME game. I’m looking forward to it!


YOLO A RETURN FROM @glowbug LEZZ GO :scream: :scream: :scream:


Nice teaser! Looking forward to seeing more of this project.
(also love the gift sprite you did :slight_smile: )


chrisdakiller, PixelPizza, thanks! I’ll try to keep you and everyone as informed as I can so I appreciate you looking forward to it!
And hihilogic, happy that you’re as excited as I am for me to be back!


Is this game Christmas themed?




John_Shrekinson, no, it’s not, the reason I announced it during December is because of winter break, I got a lot of things in school on my plate so I was just waiting till I could free up my schedule a bit to work on it.
Normally I would be able to have time but I’m also helping out rcreger with SOL so I’m working a bit of art for SOL and a bit of art for Project Key.
And hihilogic I’m glad you’re really excited for me to be back!


Understandable, have a great day.


Ayo north side of the equator ganggg



The siren’s song calls from within the abyss
Enticing each adventure to their own demise
What calls from within oneself drives them in
and again
and again

Hello! I’m back with a small update and an inquiry.

Here’s a small preview of the idle animation and final character sprite, nothing big, just an idea of how it’ll look like, I’m still planing out a walking animation but hopefully I can get started on animating both of them soon! Once again, this is just to update you on what I’ll be working on for the following days.

Player Idle

Now here comes an important decision, I’m not going to just do this once so I’ll be asking this multiple times to get a more accurate opinion.

Which color pallet should I use?
Depending on how this goes I’ll be designing all the aspects of the game differently.


I just wanted to pop in and make a quick update, hopefully, next time I make an update I’ll make some more progress on everything!


I like the brighter version on the right side, personally. Really excited to see where this project goes!


It depends on the tone of your game.


Well that’s the exact reason why I’m asking this, deciding on the color pallet will change how I design the game, it’ll affect the tone, atmosphere, UI, animation, and the general aspects of the game, that’s why I want to decide now before I get too deep.




I, personally, prefer the brighter one on the right


I like the brighter one :3




Hey everybody! So what have I been doing this past week and a half? Twiddling my thumbs as I await test results, basically nothing, the reason actually being I’ve been sick since last week.
I’m doing fairly well now so, hopefully, I’ll be able to finish all the stuff I wanted to work on when Christmas comes around.

Sorry for not being able to really kick things off as I planned originally but I should be able to slowly dwindle down on the number of things I gotta do.

In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys their holiday festivities!

Oh, and is it just me, or does the giftbox look different?

Since there’s no update I’ll just post some of the teasers that I already showed in a different topic.

Dungon game

Also here’s some ice cream as an apology

Ice cream