💵 Element Overdrive (Flowjam 2023 Summer)

A Taile Gamougg spinoff explaining the backstory of a villain, then the future. The title is most likely temporary.
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bro that gang stole my style of cloak with glowing eyes

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It’s literally two different cloaks. Shadow Wizard Money Gang is apparently a musical artist and they have a purple cloak.

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yes but im always being called shadow wizardbig cash money gang

@ManiacPumpkin you here now

I’ve heard no one call you that.

Plus the concept of a hooded figure with glowing eyes isn’t a exactly uncommon so no one can really place a license on it.

It’s just some random band that people turn into a meme, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

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funnily enough it was actualy jhon who made me aware of the money gang

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me and big cash money shadow gang are more like… rivals fighting for hooded d.omination

why is d.omination censcored? does it have some bad other meaning?

First big update

My eyes in pain, my art goin’ smooth.
pixil-frame-0 (19)
This is kind of going to be like Taile Gamougg 9 as was described in my Discord server, but not nearly as inappropriate. I just found out that Shadow Wizard Money gang is a real band thing after looking it up, so I don’t think I will use the characters. They will just be the “Shadow Gang” now. I’ll probably have to think of another word to add to that.

Also the main player sprite is done (will animate later) and I’m currently working on the main menu right now (with special effects).

Early story idea

Tagline: You can’t escape taxes.
The Shadow ____ Gang imposes heavy taxes after taking over the government. Rizz does not like this because it harms her nightclub business. As a result, she fights the gang to try and take over the government for nefarious purposes, using tax reduction to mask her true intentions.

pings: @paisleypug @DinoDev @DWGAMEMASTER


but the shadow wizard gang was sponsered by the shadow goverment

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wait, so i cant play tail gammougg 9?

I’m not going to include the Shadow Wizard Money Gang. Just original characters inspired by them.

As it was originally brainstormed, absolutely not. It would be for ages 17 and up. But this won’t be like that, it’ll be more like a normal Gamougg game but with darker color palette, implications, and vibe. This is a villain protagonist game. You are not Gamougg, you are not Nenemu III, and you are definently not the good guy.

im a little bit sad but at least i have gammogg 1 to 8


…right, @John_Shrekinson ?

Gamougg 9 onwards aren’t even gonna be made anymore and Gamougg 6-8 are for your target demographic (generally). Just wait a couple of years. Also, stop going off-topic now.

FX code for my menu background

Sorry for continuing this. John is pretty aware of just about all things meme related, so I’m sure he could reference just about anyone on here to an existing meme.

Also there’s no point in asserting dominance over that meme because it started from a random garage band that I didn’t even know existed until I looked it up. Plus I doubt they are gonna see your rant on the flowlab forums and immediately change their character designs in your favor.

So it’s probably best you just drop it and don’t worry about it. Cause it’s obvious that you aren’t even relate to that topic anyway.


im not gonna argue it, just please, im not big cash money shadow wizard gang

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I can’t figure out a location. This is the number 1 problem I’ve been having in gamedev recently. Any help would be appreciated. By this I mean where the level is taking place in. I don’t really want grasslands/plains anymore because I’ve done that way too many times (if you’ve played at least 3 Gamougg games, you’d understand).