Emergency Server Update 🚨

There is an issue with the server, and I have disabled the site for the moment while I investigate to prevent people from losing work. I’ll update this thread as I make progress.


Thank you for letting me know!


Will the behaviors be able to be restored? since they are all gone…


Ok, so it looks like I made a mistake today while trying to restore someone’s game from a backup that caused a great deal of trouble with behaviors.

I ended up having to revert back to the latest backup from about 5am today, so unfortunately that means some people’s behavior updates from today will have been lost.

I strive to never lose anyone’s work, so I sincerely apologize to anyone who was affected by this outage.

This is the first time Flowlab has ever been restored from a backup, and I’ll be changing some processes to prevent this from happening again in the future.

Please let me know in the thread if anything is still not working right with your game(s)


omg i swear if i lost everything grazer you better not of im in a flowjam and most the work ive done was today!

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EVERYTHING is GONE! noooo why? :sob:

This sets me back so far i made so much progress and stuff from even yesterday and they day before is gone but i was just working on my game today and now everything is gone! why @grazer im pretty sure there is no way to fix this and your message above was basically just a sorry your problem now

Hey @BroBro2 - I’m still working on this issue, can you help me understand what is going on? Are you saying that your work from yesterday is missing too?


Are we good? Is the stuff from this morning restored? (EST)


yes @grazer my work from yesterday and today is gone mostly today cuz most of my work was done today but if you look at my games thumbnail i had a custom score/timer and now it reverted back to an examples that i ended up not using i changed that yesterday

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Can you post a link to the game? DM me if you prefer, and tell me the name of at least one object that is missing behaviors.


Noo @grazer my progress is loaded back way to like friday’s game :frowning:

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link: (Flowlab Game Creator - The eclipse) PLS FIX i worked so hard on it im out of replys on this alt!
[EDIT] THX @grazer [EDIT] Can we edit again??

@grazer well i am actually currently reading everything i guess the timer is one thing but i literly just deleted the code before i seen you respond

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so letme find an object i havent edited yet

I’m pretty sure I was the one he was restoring for, THANKS for that btw.
But sorry to everyone who lost progress.



I found some behaviors that were not yet restored, so I’m going to perform another update to restore them.


@grazer what do you mean by that exactly


and also the only thing that i just found was the timer but i already restored that so I dont have anymore proof most of the stuff on that game was done today
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