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Hello, recently it seems like people like to make wave systems, so here I made an example for you!
Did I really need to spend 3 hours making this? Probably not.
Will I later expand this for other examples? Maybe.

There are no sound effects yet :loud_sound:

For the wave system, check the “Wave Controller” object.
The “Enemy” object sends the Dead message to it.



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The Sup3r movement is strong :mechanical_arm: :black_square_button:

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  • Fixed movement bug when stopping and then moving again.

  • Lowered cooldown between firing for the player ( 4 → 3 ).

  • Added backward movement for the player ( 0 → 2.5 ).

  • Changed how the Spawner system works, meaning you no longer need to change the “Spawner” name to “1”, “2”, etc. Spawner can now just be placed down and will work.

  • Added Health Bars for enemies.

  • Added Screen Shake when taking damage.

  • Cleaned code in Player.

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  • Added new enemy type because apparently people can’t figure out how to add more on their own and I got this complaint a lot and it’s really weird because it’s super simple. sorry for the rant.

The new enemy type is the Enemy Charger.
The Charger will only spawn after wave 1 and will move toward the player to deal damage.
The Charger will stop for 1 second after hitting the player.
Charger has 2 health (Normal enemy is 4)

This is a very well-made example, so if for some reason you can not use it, please tell me why so I can improve it for others. Seriously, it took me 18 minutes to add the new enemy, so if you have a suggestion it’s super easy for me to change something.

Small Update

  • Cleaned code slightly. (I made it, so it was already very clean ofc)

  • Fixed Leaderboard position.

  • Added a “Cleared” output, this will output when the wave is cleared.

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