Escape the Rewind - JR 01

Hi everyone,
I would just like to show the game I’ve been working on for the Flowjam with @“Baron Wasteland”.
The music is by @Eric_Matyas from

The game is a fun little platformer with inspiration from games like Super Mario Bros. and Super Meat Boy. Your gameplay is reviewed at the end of each level with a Star system, which you only need 1 Star to advance. I tried to make the gameplay simple and smooth, but I also made a Tutorial level for more help and practice on the techniques needed as the game gets harder. I hope you enjoy the game and let me know what you think.

Escape the Rewind: "Clockboy is in Trouble! The Clock on his head has broke and he has lost his Time. Help Clockboy retrieve bolts and go to the melding stations to fix his Clock.

Clockboy will reset 15 seconds back if you cant get to the stations in time, as if nothing happened. Being is such a rush, dangers are to arise. Be careful as you reach your Melding stations. There is only enough time to get 3 stations per area, get all the bolts you can!"


Congrats to @Latif for completing all the levels:

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Love the smooth controls! I would even say the best platformer game on Flowlab?
Great job JR and Baron! :smiley:

soooo … .hard … ok, it’s not, I just suck, LOL
But fun and love the GFX

I wanna adopt clockboy :slight_smile:

Most fun I’ve had in a flowlab game

Besides The Graveyard of course hehehe

@Latif can you read this???

Clockboy is my adopted child @TinkerSmith lol, you have to ask @“Baron Wasteland” otherwise.

Thanks @Latif, I’m glad your really enjoying the game. Thanks on the walkthrough video!

Clockwork Boy and the TinkerSmith.

How is that for a game title @“JR 01” :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Will I be evil, will I be good?

You’ll never take Clockboy Dr.@TinkerSmith!
Clockboy will defeat Clockwork boy!

Clockboy is my child, @TinkerSmith , so you expect me to just let him go? He’s barely two weeks old! Just a baby! You would have this babe ripped from the warm embrace of his father? You monster, monster I say!

sniff … ok, ok, I get it :cry:
One lonely TinkerSmith for all eternity :confounded:

@“Baron Wasteland” … can I maybe at least adopt a clockdog … ? Pretty please
I would take good care of him and feed him all the nuts&bolts he wants :slight_smile:

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@TinkerSmith they killed my babyyyyyyyyyyyy

I finally got to update/fix Rewind yesterday, but I’m probably not going to do anything else until after December.

Update 11/6/20 Rewind

  • Fix Teleport Position
  • Extended Clock Warning
  • Death is now a reset, not a game over
  • Change Game Settings
  • Level adjustments and changes
  • Smaller Spikeball hitbox
  • Updated Tutorial

Nice :slight_smile:

Glad to see you’re still polishing this one up even after the Jam is done.

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When I get the time to :laughing:
I have too many projects I want to do.

Maybe you could rename your topic to just the name since the flow jam is passed just an option

I bet someone is going to take this the wrong way so don’t please :slight_smile:

Were all friends here right :smiley:

Why/how would someone take this the wrong way??

But sure, I’ll change the title.
It was mostly just to advertise that it was a Flowjam game like what everyone else was doing lol.


Well, I took it the wrong way and now I’m upset :crying_cat_face:


Now I’m mortified…

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finally got all the bolts on level 1

also level 2

good job JR 01, you’ve probably got me playing until I 100% the whole game lol

this game is just so fun

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