Filter is broken!!!!

@grazer @“JR 01”

Whenever I do a random and then into a filter it will output both filters!

go to the game level and the power up object and where it has a random for the changing position.

All your filters do that because your using more then 1 of the same objects (clones).
You can see all the outputs of all the clones, only 1 of those outputs goes to the object your looking at.

So how do i fix it

@“JR 01”

There should be nothing wrong with it if this is the case, it’s just how flowlab is.
The object seems to work fine in game.

@“JR 01” it won’t work like its supposed to though

@“Johnny boy” how is it suppose to work?
The objects position change looks like it works fine.

@“JR 01” its supposed to be on random for the different power ups
and supposed to be on random between -2 and 2

But none of it works!!!

@“Johnny boy”
It is outputting between -2 and 2…
can you be a little more specific?

If it is what I think i is, it’s just how flowlab works.
If you have 2 cloned objects (or copies), you will see everything both objects are doing.
If you deleted all the clones and you just have 1, you’ll only see the output from that object.

Another way to test this is having 2 (off) switch’s and setting one output to on and one switch and setting the other output to on in the other switch. If you have an object using one output and the clone is using the other output, you’ll see the filter output both but only one switch will turn on.

There is another problem looking into this though.
Because the game never restarts, the power-ups keep changing position and can go off-screen.
Make sure the position of the power-ups are reset to the original location when you die.

@“JR 01” do you know a way to fix it ?

Use the extractor to set a number, us “in” on the number to the X and Y of position when you die.

Im talking about the cloned object thing
@“JR 01”

You can’t fix that, that’s what its suppose to do

@“JR 01” yeah but it wont work

It seems to work fine…
how is it not working?

The power ups go off when its supposes to be a different power up @“JR 01”

Edit: nevermind I fixed it but the random is not that random it chooses the same power up half the time!

I thought you said it was the random of -2 and 2…
anyway, that problem seems more to be the messages instead of the random.
All the power-ups are sending a number to the player at the same time which may not be what the power-up for the first one.

You need to make a way to either send the number only of the power-up coming up
or make a new way to keep each power-ups number.

Ill try @“JR 01” to make different way, if you have a idea please tell me.