2 - new update log

So after a very long break, I thought I’d come back for a while to revisit the games I’ve made, and saw that Fireball. io 2 had almost 70,000 plays. When I opened it, I saw that there really was a lot of room for improvement… so I’ve decided to polish everything up, from the title page to all of the current levels in the story mode, “Dystopian World”!

There’s a lot of content here, so I was hoping that people would play-test it and give me feedback. The new songs built into Flowlab were also super helpful, so shout out to grazer for the great music :smiley:
(And also to Mhx Air for the ladder mechanics, which I used for the title page)

ALSO: I added a limited-time “Boss Testing” mode, where people will be able to play against bosses that have not yet been added to Dystopian World. This is so that it’s easier for more people to play against the boss and potentially give me feedback before I add it to story mode. Since this is supposed to be the third main boss, I want it to be challenging but not impossible. Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated!

The boss I’m currently making is the “Smiley Face”, and the player’s objective is to shoot down all of its cores while avoiding its attacks. This boss can be accessed by going up to the 4th floor on the title page.

Here’s the game:
Flowlab Game Creator - 2


Welcome back!


Welcome back!

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I haven’t seen you since your post of the Google Play of Fear Labyrinth!
Welcome Back!

Random Information.

I was that guy who kept asking if I could review Fear Labyrinth, @Mr_Secret


I’ve been working on this game a lot this week, polishing things up and adding new levels, and I thought I’d share some updates / teasers in here!

First, some minor updates:

  • The Smiley Face boss fight has better visual effects, and slightly better hitboxes as well. Now, the boss will emit shockwaves when using its “rage” attack, and the screen will have a slight glitch effect whenever the player destroys one of its cores.
  • Added intermissions after every major boss fight in Dystopian World. Here, the player is rewarded with classical music and has the option to continue playing / return to main menu.
  • once again made a bunch of improvements to existing levels.

I don’t know if anyone’s been able to make it past the 2nd major boss (the D.D.M.) because the game’s super long already, but I finally started adding new levels to Dystopian World. I’m designing this section to be quite cutscene-heavy, so that I can go really deep into the story. Here are a few screenshots:

That’s it for now, I’ll probably post a new update after integrating the third major boss into the storyline. Thanks for reading (:


I just finished a (really) huge update to this game, and the third segment is now complete! Here’s a quick breakdown of all that’s included in the new levels:

  1. Quick-time events: the player must quickly read through the choices and choose the right one before time runs out. Whether or not you get to remove your own handcuffs early in the game depends on your own reaction time.

  2. In one level, the player must quickly press one of the four arrow keys when the indicator spontaneously appears on the screen (up to 10 times). Failing to do so within the time limit, or pressing the wrong button, will damage the player.

  3. A classic platformer level where you have to avoid obstacles, climb ladders and navigate a mazelike prison to find the secret hatch.

FINALLY, The third boss has been finalized and connected to the storyline. His second phase has been remodeled, and now he has a total of four possible attacks.

(To play test, go through the door labeled “3” at the title page; dialogue can be scrolled through by pressing the enter key)

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New update:
The story of “Dystopian World” has been revamped, so that it fits more into the theme of dystopia! This is likely to be the final version.

Read the written version of the intro here:

[Note: Here, “you” refers to the main character in the story.]

  • The world is plagued with war and bloodshed, and you are a refugee who has taken shelter in one of the few villages that haven’t been destroyed. As you speak with the other residents, you notice that they are trying to appear bright and cheerful, although they are unable to hide their underlying fear and anxiety.
  • Suddenly, the “Dark Guardians” launch a surprise attack on your village. In a matter of minutes, the once peaceful village is destroyed. The air fills with a suffocating red smog as houses burn down and people are killed left and right. As you desperately look for the escape hatch, you hear someone calling out to you for help. You are given a choice as to whether or not you want to help her.
  • When you reach the hidden exit in the underground passage, you find that the door is already locked. The people who have already escaped have jammed the door so they wouldn’t be followed, leaving you and your companions to die. In a matter of moments, the Dark Guardians corner you into a wall.
  • Contrary to your expectations, however, they are not immediately hostile towards you. Seeing that you have been abandoned by the others, and admiring how you survived their merciless attack on the village, the Dark Guardians offer to spare your life in exchange for your loyalty. As of this moment, you decide that you can’t accept this outrageous demand.
  • One of your companions (the mayor) then activates the emergency protocol, causing the passageway to begin falling apart. The Dark Guardians then become belligerent and threaten to kill you. Due to the turbulence, however, the door behind you swings open, and this gives you a chance to escape at the very last moment. The mayor tries to follow you out, but he gets shot multiple times and does not make it. Amidst the chaos, you are separated from the others who were also with you. You do not know what happened to them.
  • After these events have passed, you find yourself stranded in a wasteland, all alone with no powers or equipment. From this point onward, you decide to explore the world on your own in hopes of find a way back to normalcy.

Try the new version here:
Flowlab Game Creator - 2

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Does my progress save when I close the tab? I don’t really wanna watch all the cutscensnes all over again.

Currently, the player’s progress is saved after every boss fight. I could add more checkpoints in between, if needed (:


I just got to the Insectoid but haven’t beaten it yet

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Try attacking it from a distance using normal attacks near the middle of the battleground, occasionally picking up flame boxes when they appear. I hope the boss isn’t too difficult? I want players to be able to finish the levels without dying a lot :sweat_smile:

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Oh I was only using flame boxes. The ice spikes coming out of the ground have a very weird hitbox that makes the fight’s difficulty spike upwards.

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Yeah, that’s a good point. The ice spikes do protrude over the warning boundaries, so I cut down their hitboxes a little bit on the sides. Now that you mention it, the in-game instructions for the boss fight also may have been unclear, so I also fixed that up.

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I don’t think we’ve ever interacted yet, but either way, really liked your games! Welcome back:D


Thanks rcreger! We might not have, since I haven’t been using flowlab at all this past year. I also really liked your game, A-Box!


Oh hey, welcome back Luminous!
Good to see you’re still making games, looking forwards to the updates!


New Update!

  • Graphic updates: greatly improved backgrounds for section 1
  • The written storyline now details Jack’s struggle for survival in an apocalyptic land, as he flees with his family from the burning village.
  • Meteors will begin falling when the survival timer reaches stage 4.
  • After defeating the D.D.M., the player will given an option to save the soul trapped inside it. If they choose to do so, they must select the correct dialogue choices in succession, otherwise they will fail.
  • New mechanics in section 3 platformer levels:
  1. Blocks that appear only for a certain period of time before disappearing, then appearing again after another period of time. They can either provide platforms for the player to cross dangerous terrain, or become obstacles that hinder the player when they’re on a time limit.
  2. Spikes that appear only when the player is nearby.
  3. Invisible doors that serve as dead ends, which can only be seen when the player is very near. Some can be disabled by completing tasks.
  4. Electric fences that can be scaled only by a specific character.
  • Graphics & moveset upgrades to the 3rd boss
  • And more!
New Boss


PATCH NOTES (2022-11-01)

Hey everyone! I haven’t posted for a while since I was busy, but I still have been working on this game from time to time. This update greatly upgrades pre-existing levels and prepares the story for the bigger picture. There’s a limit to how much I can polish / edit the first two sections, but I hope to sew everything together at the end and provide greater improvements to newer sections.

After a few years of putting things in and switching everything around, I think I’m close to finalizing the story! Integrating them into the game will take a long time, but progress on the game should be steadier now. Currently, everything’s still in the experimental phase.

Current updates:

[1] Polished title page.

[2] Added extra sequence in the first village level. Added a quick-time event to allow taking reduced damage from the missile.

[3] Added damage effect (thanks to MetaNinja for the suggestion!).

[4] New boss themes for Insectoid and D.D.M.

[5] New story and persona for D.D.M., Joanne, and the 3rd boss (Cain)

[6] New cinematic effects for the first encounter with Cain.

[7] New effects for Section 3 quick-time event.

[8] Difficulty of the 3rd boss fight adjusted. After reaching 1⁄2 health, Cain’s idle time will be reduced with every attack, to a minimum of 0 seconds. To compensate, his health has slightly decreased.

That’s all for now, along with a bunch of minor tweaks. Although part 4 hasn’t been added yet, this is a major update that changes a lot of aspects of the gameplay, especially in part 3.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day :v:


Ive just started playing the game and i really like it! i do have a question tho, after you get down to the locked door how long do you have to wait till you progress in the story ive played through twice and i keep getting stuck there