[FIXED] Incorrect hitboxing

@grazer, when the game starts (or any level with the border objects) the borders move from the center to there position, then lock in place. There is a little gap at the top and bottom of the board (in the middle right above/below the spawn point)
For some reason the site won’t let me post photos…



Posting images doesn’t work ATM apparently, so google drive should do.

The exporter is still failing.

I just re-updated the windows/desktop build a moment ago - are you trying desktop or mobile?


The @grazer

Awww come on!! @grazer

Hey @jngthree - I thought the windows server was fixed. I just restarted it again, if it keeps failing I’ll need to replace it :frowning:

Ok, I’ll try to start it off again. I’ll give you feedback.
As far as the hitboxing goes, what may be he problem here?

@grazer it failed :-1:

ok, I’m working on the mobile builds now - I’ll probably just end up replacing that server. I’ll keep you posted.

@jngthree - the windows build server has been replaced, let me know if you have any more issues with it.

@grazer thanks, but what about that bug?

For now I removed the behavior that caused this, but to reactivate it, just connect the two outputs from the eases into the X/Y output.

Also the exporter works


And that didn’t work either. The bug persists…

@jngthree - What didn’t work? The exporter failed?

I just checked your latest build of SB2, and it looks like it completed OK as far as I can tell, but there is an issue with one of the sounds. I’ll investigate it.

OK, so I checked it out. Apparently there was an error at kiwi6 that prevented your sounds from getting downloaded and packaged in. Whatever was causing that seems to have passed now, though. I triggered a rebuild of SB2, and it completed fine and seems to run now.

@grazer if you move straight up, you can ghost through a part in the border.

Uploading photos doesn’t work…