Flow interveiws with DWGAMEMASTER

here i will interveiw a different flowlabber every week


hey are you here now

What’s the interview for?

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so i plan to do a weekly iinterveiw (with a different flowlabber everytime) i will be talking about upcoming projects, scrapped ideas and trying to document lost fowlab history

so, lets begain! this one is simple enough…
what was your first project here on flowlab?

Sorry, I was writing a book, lol.

I don’t remember my first project very well. I believe it was back during my SCP phase and I ended up making some cheap SCP platformer with Peanut and some other SCPs. Very far from good quality. It’s been long deleted, but it actually started my interest for Facility themed games.

ah so now we know where your love for scp like games originated, say that book your writing, is it the one about justin hawk?

Sorry, I was being sarcastic about the huge post I wrote on my Foundation discussion.

But I have added (more like just memorized) a lot more content for the overall plot and summary.

oh i didnt see that lol

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I think it originally started back in 6th or 7th grade for me when my Friends were talking about SCP and I enjoyed hearing about the different entities and creatures. Then I saw Markiplier had started uploading a play through of the game and other fan games of SCP and that’s where the very core of my story began.


now, i know you have lots of scrapped projects, are there any you wish to return to?


hey you got all the cards, neat
also refraction is retty cool but then

hahaha everything is cannon

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In terms of Game Making projects, most of my older games were attempts at experimenting flowlab and different game concepts. I made several platformers testing the physics and better movement, then I tried making an infinite runner called Desert Dash (I believe), which that one is still alive I think, on an old alt account.

Most of my deleted games were deleted to make space for new projects and I don’t really wish to return to any of my older testing games, but my current games I would like to continue Day to Night. It was inspired by Terraria and making a platformer style survival game. After seeing mebslime make a copy of Terraria, I wanted to achieve something similar. I got to the point of random map generation and I gave up when I ran out of objects. But when I buy Indie, I use it for my main games.

Another good one was To the North. It was such a simple, yet interesting concept of a Platformer with many mechanics that were complicate for me at the time, but with my knowledge now, I can see it being a very intricate game. I like the concept of you playing as a picket sign which came to me while just pondering thoughts before bed. I think I was trying to work out a walking animation and I ended up designing the idea of a single limb and soon a picket sign was made.

Rebirth was an attempt at a zombie apocalypse style game where you awake in a bunker and surface to an open world platformer. It mostly was just a gun testing game, but the idea of it would still be enjoyable. There aren’t many good open world survival games on flowlab, so the idea would be unique enough.

And of course my main project is Site: 012 Incident. Which isn’t scrapped or neglected, I just haven’t had much time to really work it out.

I’ve currently been working on Label, which was more of a concept at first, but would make the first playable flowlab game with only one object and no active sprites as well. It’s pretty complicated as it’s all coordinate based, but it works.


I don’t know why, but every game I end up making, I start by adding small Easter eggs referencing the Scepter Foundation story, then it ends up becoming a part of the series. While the game appears to be a simple top down shooter, there’s more to it in terms of story.

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so in refraction there are two endings
a good one and a bad

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The game is still rushed from only making it during a flowjam one time, but I was working on it the other day and the bad ending is now achievable. During the first release, the key wouldn’t even unlock the door.

it would always be cool playing as a expeiremented guard, also, what is the cannon-ness of the dnd campain?

weirdly this shot looks so nice…it looks more…3d, like its straight out of minecraft

The Dnd campaign is kind of a scuffed version of the larger campaign I fleshed out for in person sessions.

The session I planned to make, the plot wasn’t entirely canon as the players basically undergo the same adventure that Justin Hawk goes which never actually happens. But my friends character is canon which is Cal Lawrence. A Nephew of Johnathon Lawrence who came in contact with a strange artifact that wraps around his body like a suit.

So the adventure of the campaign is directly linked to the book New Caben that I’m writing. (At least most of it is) a lot of the side missions and dungeons reference other characters and events, but what happens in the session isn’t really canon.