Flow of Feelings 💙 - A Flowlab Visual Novel

Everyone really needs to drop it and act like this is a normal game, BECAUSE IT IS!!!


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It’s not a normal game, it’s a :sparkles:Recryptech :sparkles: game.


I’ve already made my stance on this pretty clear, but I’ll reiterate that while I do not condone it, what others do with the character is completely out of my control. All I can really say is wait and see.This project is unrelated to those instances and I would appreciate the benefit of the doubt without prior bias here. I would also appreciate it if we could stop bringing this up altogether, because in essence it’s completely unrelated to this project


Exactly. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


I’m just awaiting the arrival of the first good visual novel on Flolwlab.


I had to delete a few messages, because some users were creating non-sense spam - if those users continue commenting unhelpful, non-positive talk, I will have to mute you.
This is the topic for Recryptech’s and BioncleOnTop’s game, let’s respect that and keep the chat on-topic and positive/helpful/respectful.

This game is really promising, and Recryptech will for sure surprise us with an awesome game.


Do you have a release date for the game?


Also keep in mind that these characters only exist in the community, and is a fan made character that is being designed for this game. If you dislike the idea of the game being made for this topic, then I suggest you ignore and mute this topic. Futhermore, please be positive, respectful and helpful when making a comment on the forums.


Thats what I be saying.


There’s no current release date at the moment. Still working on the systems and content, so it’s hard to tell how much larger the game will be. When we have a lock on the final stretch I’ll be sure to ramp up more advertising for the game :+1:




2019 was the first existence of Flow-chan as a gag between a group of long time flowlab users. She was reworked and publicly released in 2021 after people started asking if there already existed a “Flowlab-chan”, since users that knew about Flow-chan told me I need to hop on the forums ASAP lmao, so I did. I was planning her as a mascot for floWare, but I was inactive a lot during the years of covid due to how hectic work and life got, but I’m currently rebuilding floWare again with all the new flowlab updates, so I take her character and design less as a joke these days, and more as an unofficial mascot flowlab fan character

Anyway, no reason for people to get all upset about it. She’s not an official mascot (yet??? jk), she’s a character for my community collab game, and anyone that wants to make a game featuring her, like Flow of Feelings, as an inside joke for the community and part of flowlab community lore. She’s a fan of flowlab, representing the community. She’s not flowlab. She’s flowlab’s #1 fan. Don’t take it so seriously, guys.

She’s part of the community. You gotta get along with your fellow flowlabbers, whether you like each other or not!