Flowjam 2020 Discussion [Winner Announced]

** UPDATE **
Winner announced here: https://flowlab.io/flowjam2020

This thread is for discussion of Flowjam 2020 - https://flowlab.io/flowjam2020

This post will get updates as we get closer to the Jam.

I remember when I won flowjam by default, still have the Flowlab Sticker!

So excited, can’t wait, this is gonna be epic!

Latif win.

@grazer @PixelPizza remember these days https://forum.flowlab.io/discussion/5882/flowjam-results-posted/p1

It just excalated by a lot

Dude I can’t wait

IKR? I have no chance of winning but it’ll be soooo fun!
Wonder what it’s gonna be about…

Can games be team dev’ed @grazer ?

This is going to be amazing! My submission will be perfectly in line with our X-15 Updates as well! Amazing. I hope you guys enjoy the challenge, I know I will!

bo adventures. I hope I win! I’m giving it as a gift to one of my friends

No way you’re winning!

Oh god I sense something bad comin up

Will there be 2nd place, 3rd…?


wow wow wow guys its just a friendly competition lets not get too competitive

Will it be counted if I make a pre-made game now?

@ElecTronICO - If you start a game now, it would be disqualified. This is Rule 2 from https://flowlab.io/flowjam2020:

Don't create your game until the contest starts - on January 07, 2020 - the game creation time is listed under each game.

I thought people don’t know what the game is about so that people can’t cheat

Don’t you tell us 1-7-20 @grazer ?

Oh @XxCarbotxX you have no idea…

@RageDayz - yes, the theme is announced on January 7, 2020, so that’s when everyone can get started. I was just reiterating that no one should press the “New Game” button for their Flowjam entry game until the theme is announced.

@grazer Will there be Runner ups you can feature as well, like top 3 or 5 that either get an honorable mention or also have there game on the front page?

@“Mushroom Productions” it’s possible that there could be something like that - It just depends on the game entries.