Flowjam 2021 Official Announcement! 📢

Flowjam 2021 Official Announcement!

updates here: https://flowlab.io/flowjam2021

What’s Flowjam?

Flowjam is a contest where everyone gets a limited time (two weeks) to create a complete game from start to finish, based around a single theme.

This year Flowjam will begin on January 16th, 2021 , and submissions will close on January 30th, 2021 .

Come join the Flowjam Discord Channel to discuss ideas, encourage each other, ask questions, or whatever else.

What’s the theme?

The theme will be announced at 11:30 pm EST on January 16, 2021, thirty minutes before Flowjam 2021 kicks off.

What can I win?

The winning game developer will receive their choice of either a PS5 Digital Edition, Xbox Series S, or Nintendo switch game console.

Note : At this moment, the PS5 & XBox consoles are still out of stock at most suppliers. This means that there may be an additional delay to ship these console.

The winning game will also be featured on the Flowlab home page .

Why should I participate?

Making games is fun! Also, this is a chance to challenge yourself to try new ideas, improve your skills, and possibly win a new console.

Who can enter?

Anyone, from anywhere. Feel free to collaborate and help each other, but only one prize will be awarded. Entrants outside the U.S. will be responsible for any Customs or other fees incurred.

The Rules

  1. Your game can include any art or music you have legal permission to use, but anything not created by you during the jam should be listed in the game’s description.
  2. Don’t create your game until the contest starts - on January 16, 2021 - the game creation time is listed under each game.
  3. Submissions will be closed on January 30, 2021 at midnight EST
  4. Although all entrants can vote on the game submissions, Grazer will have the final say on the official winner.
  5. Only games created using Flowlab can be submitted
  6. No purchase necessary - free accounts are welcome and encouraged to submit games!

Judging Criteria

  • Theme How well the game adhered to and used the theme
  • Fun How fun the game is to play
  • Art How does the game look and sound
  • Creativity How unique are the graphics, the mechanics, and the overall design

Good Luck!


Can’t wait! Right around my b-day too:O

Good luck to all the participants!


so the game im currently woring on, (super blocky racing) cant be submitted?? if not i would be really bummed.

Yeah, you have to make the game within the time area sadly. Although some of these people can make games better than I can in an entire lifetime :sob:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cries myself to sleep


Okay, 3rds time the charm! I’ve learned from past mistakes… twice… and it’s been a year and half a year between the former 2 so let’s hope I can at least get featured!


I think I will take this one on, I am so exciited :grin::crazy_face:. No, I must have a game face, otherwise people won’t take me seriously. Starts to think that nobody will think this person will be a threat


My game face that will definitely make me win: :monkey_face:

woah! i can’t wait to see what everyone makes.

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I would like to join I doubt I would win but it would be fun!

I like the fact that you reduced the amount of criteria, it get’s complicated

I’ll try, but I know for a fact I won’t win. Also doesn’t help that Christmas Break ends on January 7th where I live.

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Fantastic! I’m so excited to see everyone’s innovative entries using the Data Types updates and all. :eyes:


Sounds interesting, But I have a ton of homework on my to-do list.


Well you have a week to finish your homework before the Flowjam starts @R0CK :smiley:


It’s gonna be my first FlowJam, hope I do well!


One week to master the new data types.
Good luck, can’t wait to see what everyone make.

Check out my examples for some extra help:


welp my roblox horror game will just have to wait, im in

this is so annoying (im not trying to be mean or rude and i understand this is a competition) because some people cant join because of school or work. including me. and i feel like there should be at least one “jam” where you can submit a game that’s already been made or is already in progress. just my opinion.

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I’d bet something like that exists, but if it does, it doesn’t count as a game jam.
A game jam is a contest where participants try to make a video game from scratch within a short time limit.