Flowjam 2021 Official Announcement! 📢

Or possibly have some smaller, less rewarding jams?

The rarity for these jams is probably due to the big prizes with the consoles (I’m assuming)

There’s always next time too if anyone can’t participate, there’s no needing to break an arm and a leg to make a game that you don’t have the time for.

Luckily Flowjam is twice a year instead of yearly like other game jams. I missed a few last year that I plan to do this year, such as GMTK, Kenny’s Jam, Global Jam, and a few others.

There are also a ton of smaller one’s on itch.io that Todorrobot been doing.

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I understand your frustration @ShadowGaming - but that kind of goes against the spirit of a game jam. The idea is that everyone is working together at the same time on a game with the same theme. Also, the provided theme is supposed to inspire you to create something that you wouldn’t otherwise probably make.


It’s definitely possible - in fact Flowjam was started here by the community, not by me. I just added the official ones so that Flowlab could provide some prizes. You could even start and run one if you wanted - there doesn’t even need to be a physical prize, many jams don’t give them out.

There are few reasons why I don’t run the official Flowjam more often though:

  • It takes a significant amount of time that prevents me from working on the site
  • I generally refrain from making updates during the jam
  • Running it too often would probably mean less interest in each individual one
  • It does cost a decent amount of money, so that’s a factor too

@grazer at first I thought a way to eliminate this is to try to do this in the holidays in between school, like maybe the half term or something, but then that’s complicated in its own way becuase people have different schools with different times off.

It’s fine though, becuase at least we still have it.

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I’m always open to suggestions @The_Kodex. I had planned to start it earlier so it began before Jan 01, but I couldn’t get the last release out in time to make that happen.


Sure hoping the Jam has the theme I’m thinking of (or one of them at least). That’ll give me motivation to stop being lazy and finally make a JRPG or some sort


When talking with Grazer in private; he mentioned that he was especially looking forward to this year’s Flowjam. I’m expecting something quite interesting as well haha


Great cant wait, heh ive got plenty of ideas

If the theme is “distance”, I have an idea who will sure make me win!

i expect it would be close to impossible to guess the theme right, as you can’t see what other people are thinking, or at least i can’t.

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Idk, but if it’s that, got a serious chance

If the theme was distance then I would probably remake my old game called desert dash. Although most of who probably never heard of it since it wasn’t that popular, but it was a pretty good concept.

If the theme was distance I would make a Tough-as-nails platformer (like distance from the spikes!)

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I know i can win!!!


Me neither, but you won’t have a chance if your down about it. Just start by coming up with some interesting ideas and I’m sure you could come up with a winner.


Theme Suggestions: Arcade Games, Behind enemy lines, Intentionally broken, How everyone votes for the only theme you don’t have an idea for, Risk vs Reward, Labyrinth, Player is the god, Murder Mystery, Find the Easter Eggs (Not Literal Easter Eggs), Roguelike, No Premade Sprites. Idk that’s all I have for now if anyone has suggestions notify me and ill add them to this week’s news article.

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why is it going to be so late

I got a feeling indie devs to have an advantage

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