Flowjam Summer 2023 Game Jam is officially wrapped up! 🏆

Well, The results are in.

The game reviews have been tallied, and the Winner is Shroud of the Fifth

(Flowlab Game Creator - Shroud of the Fifth), by Recryptech. This is a really polished and gorgeous platformer that’s just fun to explore.

This is of course Recryptech’s second Flowjam win, marking the second time we have had a repeat winner.

The competition was intense, and there were some fantastic entries.

Here are some others that deserve a special mention:

Gods of Five by Arctic Alpacasaurus Games
2nd Place Winner
A sophisticated & cute card battle game with heros to upgrades, loads of cards, and a lot of charm.

Envoy by Sup3r87 & Logan K
3rd Place Winner
Travel through space delivering mysterious cargo to an even more mysterious monolith, while avoiding the authorities in this great looking game.

Stone Cold Steel by Inhuman Resources
Honorary Mention
Unleash vengeange on the elemental cartel in this top down shooter with an array of weapons. Looks fantastic, the controls are polished, and the gameplay feels well balanced.

Low Noon Saloon by Huckleberry & Greggo
Honorary Mention
Beat the outlaws at “Low Noon” a unique card battler with lots of strategy elements.

Blue Sky by PlyEnt Games
Honorary Mention
A paranormal point & click mystery game loaded with fantastic & atmospheric art.

Wizzo by Galactian
Honorary Mention
Play as a wizard blasting through well-defended bases, using element spells and power ups.

Elemental5 by ThatBoxLion
Honorary Mention
A cute but tricky little platformer with lots of precision jumping.

RULES’A’NATURE by extrez
Honorary Mention
Play as 5 different elements, each one with its own unique ability and gameplay style.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

See all the scores here:


Congrats to everyone who entered the jam! And of course congratulations @Recryptech for winning :trophy:


This is awesome! Congrats to everyone.

Crazy that we only lost by .05 :sob:

Recrypt’s game definitely deserved it though, it’s so amazing!


This was such an intense and crazy jam, but it feels so satisfying for it to be wrapped up!
So proud of Blue Sky, regardless of the current issues. The first time I’ve placed in the jam, so huge thank you to @Crigence for making it possible! It’s as much as my project as his.

And I can’t think of a better game to win! I loved Shroud of the Fifth, so happy to see it get the win! Very much congrats to @Recryptech !! Can definitely see the care put into the project:)


cool, 15th place! Pretty good for first time ig. Hey, what games are going in the games page in flowlab? The honorary mentions?


Woo! This has been really fun. I pretty content with the ratings I got and 29th place, I pretty sure that’s what I got. Congrats @Recryptech on the win!


It was a very bold choice to add spritestacking to envoy, and for a while I was very paranoid about doing it. But once I figured out how to not destroy performance it all paid off!! I’m very happy with me and @logan_K1 ’s entry, and it was a stressful blast to make as always.

I said it on the discord and will again; congratulations to @Recryptech on your second flowjam win!! I really felt like I had no clue who would win this time around. There was no definitive “this will probably win” game. Looking forward to participating in the jam again!


Why are some of the games rated 15 and others 25…

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Thank you everyone! I really appreciate all of the support and the competition! There were amazing games all across the board, and no matter how you shake it, there was so much love and care put into so many of the games! I think there was a reason no one knew what the line up would even look like, and that is great! It truly shows how talented and amazing this community is! Great job everyone, I look forward to your new projects and where you go from here :heart:


Congratulations!!! Shroud of the Fifth is an awesome game


bout what i expected, now let me do some flowbing

Bad flowjam idea
make 5 games one for each element, then make a 6th game to connect the 5 previous games game



gg to everyone! there were some really good game this jam! 2.98 starts isn’t half bad in my opinion.


I got 10th place! Yay! Game just barely didn’t get featured due to bugs, just like last time :skull:


Every game in the top 10.

To Recryptech! Glad I could make a crappy game with its only merit being the player animations and that everyone else made an amazing game! Everyone who put in effort got what they deserved I congratulate them. Until next time.


is 10th place a still a part of the top 10?

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Yep. You’re featured man! :poland: :princess:

actually, I didn’t get in the honorary mentions, this means I won’t get featured

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