FLOWJAM: The First Flowlab Game-Making Event!

Okay, so I have been watching too much videos on stuff like ludum dare and stuff like that, and I thought; what if this was a thing in flowlab. So I was thinking (with @grazer 's permission) I could host an event like this, where people have a limited time to make a game with flowlab to fit a certain topic. I have a discord server all set up for it right now: https://discord.gg/zeuM5DG

I would love this to be a thing so with your permission @grazer I will start it up!

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Not possible yet but with an update probably on the way it might become possible

@CrimsonBlackGames what do you mean by that? I would set a time limit for a solo person to make a themed game, and then they would post their progress, and game in the discord server.

A game Jam is when multiple people across the web work on the same project

@CrimsonBlackGames No lmao, don’t spread false information. I’m wondering where you got that information. I assume you don’t even know what Ludum Dare is, because Ludum Dare is a game jam too.

A game jam is an event where people have to make a game in a short time (for example in a weekend, like in Ludum Dare). You have to create a game based on a theme which is chosen by the organizer. The short time is meant to force people to be more creative, and stop focusing on little details like perfect particles.

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Ludum Dare is one of the few game jams where people work alone from home. Most game jams you physically go somewhere, an idea or theme is presented, and then you form teams with other people to develop something around that theme for the duration of the event. For now it would have to be alone, sharing stuff would be difficult, but both are possible once the team feature is implemented.

Yeah, once the teams features is implemented though, i’ll put up a team game competition too.

Teams? The whole flowlab community fits in a single team.

@Latif3 I mean the new team feature so that you can set up a dev team: http://forum.flowlab.io/discussion/5790/request-for-feedback-on-potential-new-feature-teams#latest

@grazer I was just making sure, thanks! Can’t wait to get it going!

I would like more people to join in for the 1st one, so if people could please invite others thatd be great!

Edit: Invite them to the discord: https://discord.gg/zeuM5DG

Odd. Dang it meatly

Hey @XxCarbotxX - you don’t need my permission to run a game jam with Flowlab, but I think it would be awesome so please do!

@XxCarbotxX - Once you iron out the details (theme, deadline, rules) then start a new thread in here and I will sticky it until the jam is over.

@grazer Thanks, once the discord gets a reasonable amount of members i’ll get it started up soon, ill just make the post when all that is up. It would be helpful if there were a post with a discord invite, and so more people would see it. then I can get it started up faster and all.

You should go to flowlabs main discord and drop a link there


Or- the first one

For this to work and to be something funny and good to play / participate has to be even well done.

Any of the forms I entered on the server

Can I have a link to the flowlab discord @CrimsonBlackGames