Flowlab All-Stars Default (sry for all these "flowlab all-stars forums" i couldnt keep up with all of them)

When i release the demo for Flowlab All-Stars, the default characters will be:

(the original sprites in flowlab sprite editor)

Flow- Boy + Dog


Flow- Girl + Cat

(This has been altered)

When i finally finish the character roster, then those characters will be playable but you will have to unlock characters to play as them, but should i make it so that you have to unlock by:

  • Unlock by buying with coins
  • Automatically unlock by collecting coins
  • Unlock by story mode
  • Unlock by boss mode
  • Or a little of each

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Should it be unlocked by story mode? @discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Cannot predict now

Discobot, should it be unlocked by story mode? @discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: As I see it, yes

That says it all, so story mode it is.

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YAY wait how does it work in ssb? Isn’t it from playing matches???

im not doing it exactly like ssb does it…

I was just remembering what it goes off of, I wanted to just see if maybe that was an option. On the other hand, that would be really hard to code

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i agree, if im not able to do that, ill do the shop.

is choosing to not be helpful and just selects all the answers

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lol, Ill just do the shop, Sorry for the waste. I chose this because @JR01 made a shop example, so, yea.

i think Flow-Boy + Girl are too OP…

yep Flow- Boy + Girl are one of my favorite characters! :DDD

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Maybe can I help? I have indie now…

I am alright at flowlab, I can try to help…

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Alright, thanks. (202020)

oh i have an issue with the online mode winner thing, here’s the link. How do i make a winner for online mode?