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you all remember who you are right?

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I think the characters should be evened out a bit. Some of the stats are pretty heavy on some characters.

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@DWGAMEMASTER I joined the game as Apolla Selene. I donโ€™t think you were on at the time when I joined so just thought I should clarify.

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ok so imma join sometime later on you guys (cant access character info rn ) I will prob hop in after camp so towards the end of summer

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ok nvm i remember everything one sec Iโ€™m warlock (both personality are) one has haunted one background and the other has scholar background. ability scores are
warlock scholar named monsoon (an air genasi):
attack: 13
magic: 45
defense: 56
health: 69
weopon: arcane focus (orb) and sickle

warlock haunted one named mason (air genasi)
attack 45
magic 20
defense 56
health: 69
weopon: acrane focus (orb and boomerangs (2))

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the scholar is British timid and kinda queasy when it comes to violence. the other is strong and tactical but rather reckless he cant run from his past so he created monsoon as a stressball

the character switches personality depending on a coin toss :slight_smile:

this is semi unrelated but because this is a dnd (ish) thread here is my art Alt text

this is older and I have done much better since then also I dont really like anime much anymore but this was from my anime phase

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soooo, when are we gonna play?

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once 3 people are active

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yall sure i cant dm?

Iโ€™m online.

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ok soooo is @ARRTY in the party?

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Idk just ping her or he

Yes, I am

if you are here we can start I will dm

is that ok?

Alright were all here.

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ok can youe quickly post the character stats so I can have them as a ref?


Paladin Prism

Attack: 17
Magic: 34
Defense: 57
Health: 79
Weapon: True Providence

Pyromancer Ruginapugus

Attack: 18
Magic: 46
Defense: 1
Health: 16
Weapon: Horned Spellblade

Knight DW

Attack: 20
Magic: 15
Defense: 5
Health: 20
Weapon: Shadow Sword

Barbarian Aya

Attack: 34
Magic: 10
Defense: 69
Health: 93
Weapon: Chill Edgelord

The Beheaded

Attack: 40
Magic: 0
Defense: 70
Health: 100
Weapon: Vorpan

Apolla Selene

Attack: 30
Magic: 25
Defense: 15
Health: 75
Weapon: Staff Of The Stars


which one of them is each of yours?

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