Flowlab FNAF

Welcome to Flowlab’s technical facilities… or what’s left of it.

I started the game a year ago, but everything’s changed except for the title screen.

This is probably the closest game in Flowlab to resemble the original FNAF.
Survive 5 hours in Bloodbear’s domain.
Check the cameras, listen for audio cues, close doors, manage your power.
Let your guard down or react too slowly, and you will get a frightening Jump Scare…

If you are extremely uncomfortable around SUDDEN LOUD NOISES, JUMPSCARES, and DISTURBING IMAGES/CONTENT, or is UNDER THE AGE OF 10, playing is highly discouraged.
Original music and concept by Scott Cawthon.


Nice job. but that was EASY and I know the fanf tips that I know I am going to win.

That’s not how it really works bud… You can’t say it’s easy when you never played it :expressionless:

I DID!!! I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t play it.

There was few glitches but nothing major.

Just cleaning up a bit in here. I removed 20 something unrelated flood posts.

Stay on topic, don’t post more than twice in a row unless you really have to, then only 3 max. Are you unable to edit your posts or something? Try to put everything into one post, and don’t talk about other games in someone’s topic.

I know that you’re lying because I just found out that my doors don’t work fending off bloodbear :stuck_out_tongue:

A new update has been added! A couple of improvements have been made to the gameplay to improve overall experience.
-The camera now doesn’t get “stuck”! This means that you’ll be able to accurately track Bloodbear, just like in the original FNAF series. If he moves, the camera automatically adjusts.
-Static has also been added. Whenever the animatronic moves, static will also activate, in addition to the audio cue. Short bursts of static you can disregard will also activate often.

There’s currently a bug with the last two cameras, the game will be unplayable until then.

No I am not!

Okay then, you can put the footage here if you want

The bug is now resolved, all the cameras will function properly except for the last two cams (which will get stuck).

Also, with other slight adjustments, Bloodbear gets more and more hostile as the night goes on.
1st attack: You have 6 seconds to react.
2nd attack: You have 4.5 seconds to react.
3rd or more attack: You have 3 seconds to react.

I don’t want to ban someone just for being new. A lot of members start out that way. I’m sure I was like that when I joined my first few forums in middle school. I could ban them if they purposely started being rude and keep posting a lot, but it is grazer’s website, so I won’t do anything unless he tells me I should, aside from moderately moderating.

As for the game, it is interesting to see another take on this. I’ve seen maybe 2 or 3 FNAF attempts with fake 3D in the past. It’ll be interesting to see it finished and polished. I’m personally not a fan of FNAF, I prefer exploration horror games, but I know flowlab is limited, so I always enjoy seeing how much a person can achieve with those limitations.

Thank you @Latif3, I’ll be sure to add better in-game explanations next time :smiley:

Damn how do people even keep friendly at 8-year-olds like this one. Ban this guy I’m out.

Nice game btw @Luminous, don’t really understand everything but I see you’ve put a lot of effort in it. It’s good to see some actual good games on flowlab.


Thank you for your feedback! The jump scares are made by making various animation frames of the same character.

Hey hey, it’s a new update! Let’s welcome Slaughterer with open arms.

*Slaughterer the bunny will only appear on Night 2 onwards!
*Starting from 2AM, he may randomly appear on your camera when you pull up the monitor. If you see him, put down the monitor immediately; or else you will be greeted by a jump scare, which doesn’t end your night but disables all your cameras!
*To reboot a disabled camera, click on it and wait for 4 seconds. If you attempt to look at another camera while fixing it, the progress will reset.

*To allow members to get a clear idea of how to play, a guide has been added in-game!
*Night 2 is now playable, but a ventilation system will be added soon, with a similar mechanic to the music box in FNAF2.

And thank you for your support everyone, I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Oh and also:

*Bloodbear will move faster on Night 2, but his attacks from the door will be slower to balance it out.

*When you successfully block Bloodbear’s attack, the cameras will still show that he’s outside unless you switch to another camera then back again. Once blocked, he will go off-screen for a bit then appear at cam 1.

*It is completely possible for you to close both doors while rebooting downed cameras, but that takes a ton of power (I usually do that when I’m freaking out; when I can’t see where Bloodbear is but an audio is going off every second).

Thanks for the feedback! It does take a while setting everything up correctly :slight_smile: