Flowlab Swag

I just put up a TeeSpring store with a new T-Shirt design if anyone is interested. Even if you don’t want a shirt, I’d like to hear what you think of the design anyway :slight_smile:




It looks cool @“grazer”! I like the sky theme in the background and the floating island.

I Agree with @Superstargames but @Grazer i wish there where some other designs to other than “In the Zone”

So this is why you have been locked in the basement not responding to our summons…
Ima go waste my mkney on a game maker I waste too much money on already just for a T shirt now
No legit I want this
Hey @grazer … Could you make fan shirts of the more popular games?? Thx :slight_smile:

That merch looks amazing @grazer ! Hopefuly over time you will do more designs :slight_smile:

I like the design but its sort of only in the middle of the shirt, and this is just in my opinion but if you put the “flowlab” on the back of the shirt I think it would look pretty cool.

I like it, it looks good in any color and has a nice design. I’ll get a shirt and a sticker tonight after work.
Also loving the description.

This is epic! I’m eyeing the mug…

I wish you could make a backpack or a tote bag…
By the way could we have some of the more popular games and themes? I would totally buy a Starblast or SCP shirt.

I love it! @meburningslime, that’d be cool, but I bet some people would get money hungry and ask for shares if their game is on a shirt. I wouldn’t have a problem with a HAKK3R Shirt or whatever, but that’s not the case for everyone…

I was thinking that if you ask grazer he would do it for you, I wouldn’t get money hungry, and it wouldn’t be on merch unless you ask for it.
@grazer NP but could you maybe remove the spam block on me plez :confused:
I have to edit this because I’m blocked :confused:

Hey, glad you guys like the design, and thanks for the feedback.

I just ordered some samples, so I’m not even sure myself how they look in person. Hopefully I’ll find out in a couple of weeks :slight_smile:

Hey @grazer these are totally optional but some shirts I would absolutely wear are:
SCP World’s End Shirt
The Graveyard Shirt
Starblast Shirt
…I don’t need to say shirt anymore right?
dev profile pics
Old Super Mario Bros.

@Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev maybe…

Are you trying to sponser your own game @meburningslime?

@Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev maybe…
I mean it does have nearly 400 plays and 5 favs soooooooooooooooooooo…


ah yes

I actually like it that the design is more Flowlab related and not to any specific game :slight_smile:

Might put it on my challenge list to create a game for that lil guy :slight_smile: … sooo cute

Yes but themed ones will be more profitable and more recognizable, in case we run into each other when we’re not in our mom’s basements.