Flowlab vs Other game creators! (The Crigence Critique: Website Critique)

Welcome to a little discussion i call “The Crigence Critique: Website Critique”! Where i compare other online game creators (Like Flowlab) and see where they outclass Flowlab and where Flowlab wins! You can also suggest websites to pit against Flowlab if you want!

Flowlab - 2
Others - 0.5?

Like i said, this is just a spin-off. The main discussion is here:

Flowlab vs Sloder

Flowlab VS. Sploder: Who wins?
Here’s a level i made in Sploder to test it: http://www.sploder.com/publish.php?s=d005gg3x

Sploder - Notes

+The website is more stylish and (In my opinion) looks better!
+Premade shapes, as well as more of them! (Grazer, we’re waiting.)
+You don’t have to go into a object to edit its behaviors! YES!
+5 layers instead of 3!
+In Sploder, you can make challenges to earn coins! (Grazer, we’re waiting.}
++Everything, is, free!

-Advertisements are just about everywhere
-There’s very little customizability when it comes to graphics!
-The copy and paste barely works!
-MUCH smaller spaces than what Flowlab lets you get!

Sploder is a almost completely different beast compared to Flowlab! Almost EVERYTHING is done differently! While Flowlab has a simple and clean style Sploder looks like it came right out of the Windows XP era of the internet! While Flowlab has just 1 editor for everything Sploder has different editors to suit different needs! While Flowlab is VERY open in what it lets you do, Sploder is very enclosed and most games are the same!

But, who wins?

While it mostly comes down to opinion and what you’re looking for, i’m gonna have to give this one to Flowlab!

obligatory bomb explosion joke

Is that you mocking Sploder or you saying this discussion bombed?

I’ve tried Sploder before, and I didn’t like that I couldn’t make my own sprites, @Crigence .


Spolder, meh.
Gamefroot really sucks
That 3D game designer of which its name I cannot remember has so many moving parts, its too complicated

But, arent we forgetting someone?
Give you a hint, a itchy persons dream.

Cybrix3D isnt too good.

Community there isnt exactly helpful

Hey, happy to hear that Flowlab stacks up OK against other software - thanks for the critique :slight_smile:

I haven’t looked at Sploder in a very long time, so I should check it out again. I appreciate hearing points where Flowlab isn’t doing things as well.

Sploder is about to shut down since flash will die in 2020.

Flowlab VS. Gamefroot: Who wins?
I would show you the level i made, but i gave up working on it out of frustration.

Gamefroot - Obituary- I mean Notes

+It (Seems) to give you tips when you log onto your account! That’s a great idea!
+I… Actually kind of like the idea of a place where you can get skins for games! I think Flowlab has something like that already, but what’s uploaded to this “Skin Marketplace” should be made by the community and should be either quality assured by Grazer, or maybe even the community themselves through ratings!
+I kinda like how the puzzle pieces look, they act almost exactly the same as the behaviors on Flowlab but look more Fisherprice!

-The logo reminds me of Mastercards logo
-Too much characterization. Adding some character to your website is usually a plus, but giving specific game editors different Dora The Explorer lookin mascots just seems stupid.
-It pushes the fact it’s also educational too hard! I know Flowlab is also a good tool for teaching kids coding, but Flowlab doesn’t pander to kids and doesn’t
shove the fact it’s e d u c a t i o n a l down your throat!
-The layout feels like Microsoft Paint infused with Dropbox
-Why does the thumbnail have to be that VERY specific size? Who has a picture that’s just 200px by 200px just lying around?
-You have to make the image files on your computer? WHY!?!?!
-Doing anything is this toybox-dumpster fire is impossible, even simple key inputs are hard!
–Something is VERY wrong with the text-boxes! There’s no way i can really describe it, just go into the website and try typing in your game name and you’ll see what i mean!

–If I can’t figure out how to use this garbage- A guy who’s been on the internet for YEARS now and has used Flowlab, Sploder and even Wix plenty of times WITHOUT USING A TUTORIAL FOR ANY OF THEM: How are kids supposed to understand it?

Gamefroot is basically Flowlab but for 'lil kids and i could tell from my like 10-15 minutes of being on the site that was the case. They straight up say “Gamefroot is the platform for kids to code games”! Yeah, Flowlab! You can keep your sad, depressed adults! We got 9-year olds! (For the record, i know there are probably kids who use Flowlab. It’s just a joke)

But, who wins?

Flowlab easily wins in almost every way. Better editor, less pandering and it’s far more convenient to use.


@killmepleth Why are you posting your game in Crigence’s website review. Only post your game if you have like a play my game discussion

Yeah The normal Crigence Critique is for that! Link is in the description.

Do you not have any more sites to review @Crigence ? I do understand a lot of them are not free, so reviewing sites is more limited than reviewing games.

No, i got a few @rcreger . But you gotta remember: This is just a spin-off of The Crigence Critique and i don’t take it as seriously as i take the original!

I just post here when i’m either out of games to review in The Crigence Critique or if i’m just in the right mood! (Both of which probably won’t be happening any-time soon)


Scratch is literally just a reskin of Gamefroot as far as i can tell. Is that puzzle piece editor packed in with Flash or something?

Maybe start some Art Conversation?
If you do check out pixilart.com!

Scratch, is pretty good. It really is an Indie account for free.
However, drawing with a chromebook is nuts
Shape tools are, broken.
It’s #S E C U R E# (unlike gamefroot down the lane)
It has real actions (moving in steps)

What I like about scratch is that it’s FREE, not freemium.
Unless you’re a god, platformer games are impossible
All in all, I’d say that Scratch is comparable to flowlab.
Gamefroot is a C+.
Scratch is a B+
Flowlab is an A-