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Hello, I have a Youtube channel now. It’s just for Flowlab and I won’t be super active there, but I’ll try to post every now and then.

So far I’m just doing speedruns of different Flowlab games, not my actual WR attempts, but still very fast times. Also, it’s really hard to record internal audio on a Mac, so sadly the Rules’A’Nature video is silent and the Cold Hard Steel video just has some background music (and it’s probably a little too loud and doesn’t loop perfectly)

Anyways, here’s the channel

Rules’A’Nature - Speedrun
Cold Hard Steel - Speedrun

Later on I’ll probably branch out into devlogs and tutorials, but for right now doing the speedruns are relatively quick and easy so I’ll just be doing that.


Also, if anyone knows of some software for some free decent music that’d be great.




Usually, I find royalty free music on YouTube and download it, but sometimes some random person places a copyright on half of those anyway so you have to be careful on it.


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By the way I liked, subscribed, and featured you in the Flowlab user section on my channel.


I added music to the Rules’A’Nature video. (Mozart of course)

These are the speedruns I plan on doing.
“Hide” will probably be the next one because it’s a relatively fast game
Shade (time to beat: 7:30)
RAN (Redo)
Cold Hard Steel (Redo)
Electric Rougarou
Black N White


Wath the video here :point_down:

Hide Speedrun - WR Holder (3:16)

Speedran of the game “Hide” by @DarkStar_Studios, created for the Winter 2023 Flowjam - finishing rank was 9th place.

Time of completion is 3:16. I started at the time when the first level became visible until I reached the exit door behind the boss.
As mentioned in the description, I did skip part of the game due to the save file not being reset between play-throughs.


Will you become the first flowlab vtuber

No, why would I be a Vtuber? I’d just either not show my face at all or show it

Flowlab based epic not cringe vtuber funny flowlab gaming 2024 :sunglasses: :grin:

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Electric Rougarou - WR Holder (86)

Not a speed run, but got the high score (again) on Electric Rougarou. I extended my lead to 86. It should have been a greater amount, but I died early.


Game was created by @Bmarzi for the Summer 2021 Flowjam.



FYI Running for President now has a leaderboard…


Gods of Five in 27:17

Speedrun of the game Gods of Five, created by CodeAlpaca, Hong_Jooni_Pooni, and DinoDev for the Summer 2023 Flowjam.


I have 4 videos ready to go for the next 4 days!

Running for President (Sep 26, 10am PST)
Stacey (Sep 27, 10am PST)
Beyond the Glass (Sep 28, 10am PST)
No Plan (Sep 29, 10am PST)

Just going on a PixelPizza marathon lol

I will need to redo the Stacey Speedrun to get an improved time. My time is about 35 seconds faster than what is shown in the video, and the WR is about a 1:30 faster than my current time.
However, then game does lag for me so I’ll hold off from doing that one for a bit.

Games I want to do now are:

  1. Escape the Rewind (Time to beat: ~4:08 by Latiff)
  2. Black and White
  3. Astronn
  4. Shade (holding off on this, it will be quite the challenge. Time to beat is around 4-5 minutes by Galactian)


Maybe I should have spaced them out, but that’s alright. I’ll probably make another batch of 3-4 videos in a few days and then post those every other day so there is some content for a bit.

Serious question though, do you guys actually watch the videos? Just wondering if you like Speedrun stuff or if you only view it to “support me”


I actually like speedrun stuff, and the short but not too short duration of the videos is perfect for me to both flex on my fellow gen Zs for having a messed up attention span, and me having enough time to watch the whole videos. Plus supporting fellow Flowlab game creators W


High Score on “Running for President”

Game created by @Bmarzi / Southpaw Entertainemt
Play the game here:

Forum Post

Running For President - WR (9450)

Bmarzi, I altered game for a thumbnail to fit a wide screen instead of phone, hope you don’t mind


Hi, do you think you could maybe try speedrunning Element Alcazar? You can find it on the games page, I think it’d be a really cool speedrun since the game has a bunch of cool movement tech.

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Ofc! Do you have a baseline time at all or will I auto get the wr?

I don’t have a baseline right now, although I might attempt doing a speedrun soon.

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So I’m coming across an error. Whenever I go to the 2nd level, I start very high in the sky, so I’m just able to basically go to the finish in 10 seconds.
Game also lags while recording, but otherwise it runs fine.
My current time is 2:30, but that’s because of the skip in the 2nd level, and I don’t know the cause of that.

Also, I almost found a crazy strat, but it just barely doesn’t work