FLowlAbBerS agAiNsT AndrEW tAtE

Andrew Tate and Kanye West are now banned from all Taile Gamougg games. Stay safe everyone.



Does Andrew Tate even have a flow lab account :wink: lol


He tested a lab product before, now he has no hair.


bruh, you have official made me not want to support you


I sure hope not lol


Ok but why tho

Andrew Tate has actually tried helping people, so if you want to side with our government then sure, but im sticking with Tate

I don’t listen to Tate so maybe idk, but from what I’ve heard of him talking he doesn’t seem that smart. He might say a common sense thing here and there, but basically all I’m hearing from him is “ego, be an arrogant guy and get the job done”. And he has some crazy beliefs about women as well.
He tries to help people by saying things people already know and phrasing them differently. If I say “When you get money, don’t waste it, with inflation that thing is going to be worthless. So use that money to make more money”. Saying that doesn’t make me some smart guy, anyone who has a job probably realizes this. He prays on young men and turns them into jerks who think they should own everything.

Idk what you’re talking about with the government.


If you would listen to him for yourself you would understand. People say he is sexist but he isn’t. He actually is really intelligent and says things that aren’t common sense to help people. He does not turn young men into jerks he turns them into men who will want to be physically healthy and have an understanding of this harsh world so they can succeed. So stop this crap with getting your information from other people and get it directly from the source.

Ok sorry, it’s just that when I literally see what he’s doing to my brother and hear the crazy things he says I’m a little biased. I won’t listen to him because I am incredibly happy with my life and don’t need some online guru who created this persona mostly for views to tell me how to “succeed” in life. Though I’m sure me and him would have much different definitions of succeeding.

But hey, at least I know I’m really smart because all the non-crazy things he says that I agree with are literally just common sense to me. (Btw my brother is still a great person, he’s just adopting some bad habits)


You said you don’t listen to him but then you say he says common sense stuff. Really makes a lot of sense to me.

When I hear my brother listening to him, I can hear what he says.


Just listen to him for yourself, its not that hard.

I’m sure you’re a good person, but I personally just don’t agree with the limited things that he has said. So I don’t want to argue about this because this won’t go anywhere and the forums don’t need this.


Who the hell is Andrew Tate a buff chad?

No he is an allegedly sexist guy who says weird things and “hustle culture”. He was gratefully arrested in Romania just days ago.

sexism evidence:


[bugatti] hustle:

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I see, well I don’t want to meet this man. He would be a disgrace to my family and my ancestors.


Absolutely. oh yeah and he did some other crimes too apparently.


He didn’t do any crimes and was falsely accused. Shut up your really pissing me off real quick.

Kanye is banned too

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Stop changing the subject

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