FNF remake (update! pose and note animations are done) (doing this untill my passwords alive once more)

making a friday night funkin remake

is ez there will be 3 weeks and it will be my own characters (getting freaky on a friday night yesh Go mango i mean pico)

so im bored here:


time to get freaky on a Friday night


What is it with people just remaking games… is creativity really dead? :pensive:

Yay more flag abusers


No.Unlike a person,creativity cannot die,because creativity doesn’t age,unlike a person

bro i just said my own characters also im doing my own mechanics and u basically have no idea how cool this game is

So,creativity cannot die of old age.It can also not be hit by a car.It can also not be murdered etc. etc. etc.

who forgot about my bullet

People want to remake games because they can’t play it themselves, probably because their school blocked it or something, or because they want to try out the maker’s method of creating things. There are plenty of original games, you just aren’t looking in the right place.


Haha I’ve played it, and I hate it.

Beatsaber for computer?

Creativity has level the chat

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I rest my case, the zoomers no longer have free will

Yay more flag abusers

Go say that to Cringence with his mario bros.

I’m not gonna go dig up old games

I’ve got taile gamougg and both google and bing recognize it

What do you mean? When I look up “taile gamougg” there are no results

It worked for me. Maybe your internet connection could be poor or some sort of interference.

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The wi-fi’s actually great here


I still think that even remaking a game is still somewhat creative, mainly for the fact that you have to configure the code to recreate an already made game into the flowlab editor.
Although I don’t really like the idea either, mainly since you use art, and the basic idea is taken, but there are still some creativity in trying to recreate a game.

Also @Blackhole_but_he_forgot_his_password did say he was going to use his own art and his own mechanics, but just the basic idea or outline of Friday Night Funkin.
In other words they’re taking inspiration from the general design and configuring into their own version.

I do agree with you that remaking a game that’s already been made is kinda dull since they can’t come up with a game for themselves, but in this case, (from what I’m reading) it seems more like they took inspiration from it than actually copying the game.
There are lots of different games based off of the general outline of that and some are actually pretty decent, so just cause someone mentions an already made game doesn’t mean its instantly an exact copy.


Why would it have to be stopped?

Is it hurting anything?

Okay, I agree… it is less creative. But what are we going to do about it? It is not us, we can not decide what they want to do… the most important thing is to just focus on ourselves.

No offense, but when someone else want’s to do something and is exited about something, you just come in and have a problem. Once again… no offence.