Free the Free Account Sounds!

Yes yes I know, free accounts limited permissions and that’s fine and all, but cmon mp3 URLs break after one day can we get some better options for sound on free accounts? Hope something in the new update relates to sound…

On rereading, this sounds like a ramble


I wish we could just upload mp3 files to like how you can upload images to the sprite editor.

You can upload sounds on upgraded accounts.

Behavior Editor -> Sound Effect -> Choose Sound -> Upload

Every sound uploaded (slightly) increases Flowlab’s server hosting bill, so obviously this won’t work for free accounts - I can’t pay for everyone on the internet to use Flowlab’s server space :frowning:


Battle Of The Free Accounts

Wait you can upload OHHHHH!!!

Screenshot 2020-10-12 at 10.55.43 PM


understandable, although I still wonder about the mp3 URLs that free accounts can use, most of them break after a day.

Here’s a solution: Let us upload mp3 files for free.

The solution to Flowlab not being able to afford to pay for storage for all free users forever is to just have Flowlab pay for the storage for all free users forever?

I can’t tell if is this is genius or crazy.


welp, I’ll make do with flowlab sounds and music, maybe add more of those in the next update though? Go get @Baconcat008 to make music for ya or something idk.
(sry for ping bacon)

its ok! 202020202020202020

Just use the $10 on Flowlab instead of buying a happy meal lol


Ah, that’s true, I’ll consider it.
actually, I cook my own food so…

Grazer Could Make Some flowlab Merch

@pixelknife31 - He actually did.

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Oh Ok (20 Charecters)

By the way, is there ever going to be a lifetime membership available, or would that lower income too much in the long run?

Replying.exe (20 Charecters)

That would greatly lower the income, plus having a lifetime account would be similar to owning the software… in which its not downloadable and always updated, so licensing would be hard to do on its own.

Eh, true
ill just save money for indie annual