Galactian's Game Station 2 (Reviewing topic)

I did this a few months ago, it died out eventually. I wanted a new review station based on both personal preference and general opinions. I will be active here around 4:00pm to 10:00pm ET.

Gameplay 0/25
General Gameplay 15/25
Controls 3/25
Replay-able 2/25
Unique 5/25

Sounds 0/10
Overall Fit 5/10
Well-used 5/10

Graphics 0/30
Style 5/30
Fits game 5/30
Overall Look 15/30
Effects 5/30

Creativity 0/25
Uniqueness 10/25
Fits 8/25
Enjoyable and Fun 7/25

Difficulty/Balance 0/10
Feels balanced and not unfair 8/10
No bugs are damaging the balance 2/10

Story (optional request) 0/10
Overall Story Design 10/10

Personal Rating: /10
Overall Rating: /10

Please only use this poll after I have reviewed one of your games.

How would you rate my review?
  • Amazing
  • Good
  • Average
  • Bad
  • Terrible

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Hey can you just grade mine on creativity and personal rating since this is just a test/example. Just wanted to know what you think and what I should add/change


Looking for more feedback on this game for future updates if you would like to review it :+1:


I’m going to review this one first since I’ve already played it.

General Gameplay: 12/15 I enjoy it but some minor things could be changed.
Controls 3/3 The only thing I would change about these is giving mouse position some extra control, since the chainsaw is difficult to control at first.
Replay-able: 2/2 I don’t love beat 'em up games, but I can see people who do playing this for hours.
Unique: 4/5 I don’t have much prior knowledge to this genre of games, but if I’m correct, these weapons are unique concepts which are well done.
Overall: 21/25

*Overall Fit : 4/5 The gun sound is off, and the fast mice or something could have more uniqueness. *
Well-used: 4/5 Once again some of the sounds don’t fit. The gun makes no sense if the mechanical mice make normal mice sounds.
Overall: 8/10

Style: 5/5 I love the style that you went for. The movement in the game really makes it stand out.
Fits game: 5/5 I mean, it fits the game. The style stays consistent and doesn’t really need any changes.
Overall Look: 13/15 I’ve seen better art before, but that’s just because there is more variation in the sprites.
Effects: 5/5 I love the effects used. Many are very impressive for flowlab standards.
Overall: 28/30

Uniqueness: 7/10 While some of the ideas are creative and unlike most other games, some are very basic, such as the flamethrower. Something to speed the game up would also make it seem more enjoyable (difficulties).
Fits: 7/8 The creative ideas aren’t too random and fit the game well. The nanites are so fun but too unbalanced for my liking.
Enjoyable and Fun: 7/7 The creativity is not too much, and it does not damage the fun of the game.
Overall: 21/25

Difficulty & Balance
Feels balanced: 6/8 As I previously mentioned, the nanites are too op, and you seemed to have a bit too much fun making items, since stuff like the boom boots are pretty useless in most situations.
No Bugs: 2/2 There is no annoying reoccurring bug with balance issues.
Overall: 8/10

Personal Rating: 7/10
For two weeks, this is a 9.5/10. However, since the genre doesn’t really appeal to me, I’d have to give it a 7. It’s too slow at first and even though it speeds up, it can get repetitive.

Overall Rating: 8.6/10
Great job. This game definitely deserved to win the game jam. And since you asked for suggestions:
Add a way to scroll difficulty, so that you can get more batteries when you pick a higher difficulty, or just want to challenge yourself.
Add bosses! These are crucial.
Speed the game’s pace up for players with stronger items.
Make the difficulty progression more readable. In my games with waves I give some difficulty spikes and dips, which I believe add more enjoyment to the player, by giving them a chance to calm down.


Well this is a bit hard to rate since I have no idea what the point of this game is, are you making a chase game? If so, what’s going to be unique about it?
Creativity would be a 15/25 Since someone already did this and it’s on the example page. However the rigged char is something I’ve never seen done.


its mostly character the ai is example of character as ai


Thanks for the quick review! This information is really useful, so I’ll keep it in mind :slight_smile:


Before i go really good review not very good at it but as i learn. Nice Job @Galactian
I learned something


Woah, looks like I started a new wave of flowlab reviewers :laughing:


If you are still reviewing can you review this?


I’ll get to this today, been slightly busy. (and tired)


May you review this when possible? Partially unnecessary fact: you would be the first person to review it since the Ramshackle Update.

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General Gameplay: 10/15 It’s a bit janky, but smooth enough, and making tracks is fun.
Controls 1/3 As I said before, a bit janky, and not the best controls out there.
Replay-able: 1/2 It falls a bit short on replay-ability, but it’s still fun to return to.
Unique: 5/5 First complex saving system in flowlab, had to give it a 5/5.
Overall: 17/25

Overall Fit : 3/5 Not too many sounds. Not too much sound design.
Well-used: 4/5 It’s mainly menu sounds but the one’s in gameplay fit.
Overall: 7/10

Style: 3/5 It’s not a terrible style, but it could be slightly improved.
Fits game: 5/5 The style stays pretty consistent and fits in.
Overall Look: 10/15 A lot could be improved. More effects and slightly better looking graphics would be very beneficial.
Effects: 2/5 Not enough effects.
Overall: 20/30

Uniqueness: 10/10 As I pointed out before, this is the only game as I know on flowlab with such a complex save system. The fact that it also helps include the community, just wow.
Fits: 7/8 The ideas are good, still mainly loving the save system.
Enjoyable and Fun: 7/7 The creativity does not damage the game at all.
Overall: 24/25

Difficulty & Balance
Feels balanced: 4/8 As I previously mentioned, the controls are a bit unbalanced and the gear system is odd. It’s too hard to built momentum for the engine blocks and the steering blocks are very difficult to control.
No Bugs: 1/2 Sometimes bugs occur. Corruption in saves, etc.
Overall: 5/10

Personal Rating: 8/10
I can’t stop giving stuff to this game for that glorious save system. I can’t wait to see what you do later on with that logic of yours.

Overall Rating: 7.3/10
An overall good game. It falls a bit short on how fun it is, but it is enjoyable and I can see myself maybe even grinding for some wrs.


Ty for the review, I do plan on upgrading the graphics, effects, and controls when I get a chance. Glad you liked the save system, had a lot of fun figuring it out.


General Gameplay: 6/15 It’s too hard to figure out where to go, and there’s too many controls to make it easy to play.
Controls 0/3 As I said before, way way too many controls, and the movement lets you fly?
*Replay-able: 1/2 Platformers always have a bit of replay-ability.
Unique: 3/5 It’s a platformer with some odd lore and mechanics.
Overall: 10/25

Overall Fit : 3/5 The sounds are just ok. They don’t mix well.
Well-used: 4/5 They fit in well.
Overall: 7/10

Style: 2/5 Pretty messy style.
Fits game: 3/5 It fits ok, but a lot of the sprites are really odd looking.
Overall Look: 7/15 It may just be me, but I heavily dislike the looks of the switch blocks, and the lack of animations,.
Effects: 2/5 Not very many effects.
Overall: 14/30

Uniqueness: 6/10 As I pointed out before, it’s a platformer with odd lore and mechanics. It has some original ideas, however.
Fits: 5/8 Around half of the ideas fit well, others not too much.
Enjoyable and Fun: 4/7 The creativity is a bit confusing, and the controls are as well.
Overall: 15/25

Difficulty & Balance
Feels balanced: 5/8 It’s difficult for me to rate the difficulty since it doesn’t really make too much sense. It’s just some enemies that shoot, pretty boring, but it’s not too unfair.
No Bugs: 0/2 You can basically fly and it is used in the game?
Overall: 5/10

Personal Rating: 2/10
I don’t like the game, it’s way too confusing and the systems are messy. The gameplay isn’t very fun, and it needs a lot of improvements in look and gameplay to make it more enjoyable.

Overall Rating: 5.1/10
The game is just ok, I gave it a bit of empathy since some of the things are obviously jokes.


Would you review my game? It’s still very much not finished, but I would like to know where I could improve more.


General Gameplay: 8/15 It’s too repetitive and going over the cutscene every single time you die is annoying. The lighting is great, though.
Controls 2/3 Nothing special.
Replay-able: 1/2 It falls a bit short on replay-ability since it is so repetitive.
Unique: 5/5 With the few maze games on flowlab, this is the only one with lighting, and it’s well executed.
Overall: 16/25

Overall Fit : 1/5 They don’t exist besides that rain sound…
Well-used: 2/5 I guess I could sort of see it being quiet in a cave…
Overall: 3/10

Style: 2/5 It seems mostly unfinished so I’ll give it some pity, and on the plus side it still looks nice.
Fits game: 2/5 The style is cubes, but the monster stands out a bit much.
Overall Look: 4/15 So many things need to be improved, but the ui is nice.
Effects: 2/5 The few ‘effects’ are a bit too slow.
Overall: 10/30

Uniqueness: 9/10 As I pointed out before, this is the only game as I know on flowlab with lighting such as this. It’s incredible, and probably took a long time to make.
Fits: 6/8 It’s simple but fitting.
Enjoyable and Fun: 5/7 The movement of the monster does slightly take away from this.
Overall: 20/25

Difficulty & Balance
Feels balanced: 4/8 The monster is random and annoying because of that, and the rng can make it seem slightly unfair.
No Bugs: 2/2 No bugs yet.
Overall: 6/10

Personal Rating: 6/10
Despite the unfinished graphics and repetitive gameplay it is a great prototype.

Overall Rating: 5.5/10
A good prototype. I honestly hope it’s made into something more, since it seems like you put a lot of logic into it.


Ok, thank you very much for this review! I’m really glad you like the whole lighting thing, because that definitely was very difficult to make. I’m not entirely sure how I could make it more replayable and less repetitive, though. I kinda thought that I would accomplish this with the random generation leading to a completely new experience (for the most part) every time you played.
As for the sound…Yeah, I kinda just haven’t gotten to that part yet, lol. I mostly work on this game at school with my volume muted, so I haven’t even really thought about sound, lol.
Also, the graphics are mostly just placeholders at the moment, and I’m going to be completely revamping all of the art…eventually.
Also, I’m a little bit sad that you don’t like the way the monster moves. I worked really hard on that system. How could I improve it to make it seem more “fair”? Maybe it’s because I have played it so much, but I personally think it is somewhat easy to get to the exit in each level. Sometimes I even take on the extra challenge to explore each level 100% before heading to the exit when I play.


I think I need to make the difference between optional things and mandatory things more clear. How exactly are you flying? Do you mind sending a video clip or GIF? The only flight mechanincs I know of in this game are the Energy Sword Glide and basic Jetpack flight.

Thank you! I request elaboration on them not mixing well.

Ramshackle brought that up too. May you please tell me what it is about the style that is messy? The switch blocks are direct modifications of the default ones. I might add more effects, but the maps being their current size is kinda important and I really don’t wanna lag the player.

Is enemy variety an issue? :thinking:

Understandable, have a great day.

Thank you! I appreciate it. Well, I did try to make this a action-comedy.

Thank you for the review!


Since you were a bit lazy and used the normal flowlab run and jump, if you go up to a wall, move into it while jumping and spam jump you can shoot into the sky.