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It’s now nearly finished and as ready to be reviewed as it was before…


Alright then, I’ll review it as soon as I can.


John Shrekinson told me that he would like The GAME 420 reviewed if possible. He’s just not on Flowlab right now.


Sure thing! I’ll do Idle Balls first, and then The GAME 420.


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Also wait, I forgor :skull: to thank you for your review! Thank you for your review. I have now implemented all of your suggestions except the tutorial one because I feel like this game doesn’t need one due to its length and simplicity, and also because I am limited to 5 levels.


If you do review it, that’s completely up to you. I scrapped the game due to a lack of motivation.

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Idle Balls - By @Galactian


Review of Gameplay - I would compare Idle Balls to those idle games where you pretty much buy some new things, then sit back and relax as you watch the action unfold before you. Idle Balls takes this concept and applies it to a brick breaker game. You can buy balls of various types, each one with its own strengths and abilities.
It’s all as simple as that.


  • Easy and simple to understand
  • Satisfying to watch the bricks break


  • I can disable the music, but not the SFXs? I think that’s a bug…



Everything is made incredibly simple, and there is little details in the bricks and balls. But at least the art is decent and not boring to look at…

Score: 3 / 5


The music is relaxing, and the SFXs feel satisfying. But once you’ve bought enough balls, the SFX start to get a bit annoying. Fortunately, there is a button that let’s you turn off the SFXs… oh, it doesn’t work. It’s either still in the works, or a bug.

Oh well, it’s still a good sounding game, and the music is charming to listen to.

Score: 4 / 5


This game has no story.

Score: Exempted


It is satisfying to watch the bricks break and see the bucks start piling in. I wouldn’t say that this is a very “fun” experience, but it is quite entertaining nonetheless. There isn’t much to say here other than it’s alright.

Score: 3 / 5


Idle games are by no means a new concept. I have yet to see one utilize a brick breaker with various different balls, though. I’m sure there is one out there, but I have not seen them yet, so for now, take this four.

Score: 4 / 5


I don’t think this game is meant to provide much of a challenge. A tutorial, though, still would have been appreciated.

Score: 5 / 5


FINAL SCORE: 3.8 / 5


Good work on this game, Galactian.

I feel that this review is quite lack-luster in terms of feedback or elaboration, so please forgive me for that. I don’t like idle games very much, but I tried to set those personal opinions aside to give you a fair review. And from the looks of it, this looks pretty good.

Again, sorry for the lack of feedback, suggestions, and elaboration. I prefer games where the player is incredibly active rather than simply sitting back and letting an automated system do the work.

Congratulations, and thank you for the submission!


you can disable sfx, it’s the button next to the music disable (i literally only made that for lag reduction but it works good)
Besides that, thank you for the review! I agree that I could’ve done better with the art and I’ll think about adding a tutorial.


I just finished the game :smiley:! Like its inspiration, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Taile Gamougg: Emerald Warrior is pretty short and very replayable. It also breaks new ground in Flowlab sword mechanics :slightly_smiling_face:. Also John Shrekinson officially canonized it (I know him irl; he didn’t say it on the forums just yet) and it takes place around the same time as the Great Calcium Conflict, so maybe I could base my next game on that.

May you consider re-reviewing it?


Yup, I’ll re-review it once I’m done with The GAME 420.


Ok, sounds good. Have a nice day and reviewing!


Thank you! (i made the music in an exploratory)


The GAME 420 - By @John_Shrekinson , submitted on their behalf by 117JOJO


Review of Gameplay - I honestly have no idea what to make of this game…
So the Master Chief was killed by a Ronald McDonald imposter (sus) and now we have to travel to the land of poop in order to revive him and save the world.


I would compare the gameplay to that of Taile Gamougg 3, but it has just a bit more exploration.

Regardless, I did not have fun.


Yeah, there isn’t that much good to say for this game.


  • Boring
  • This entire game is one big meme-fest. While there are games out there that don’t take themselves very seriously, at least they manage to find entertainment out of that lack of seriousness. This game, however, fails to reach that mark for me.
  • Absolutely NO originality when it comes to the characters
  • Tutorial covers WAY too little. Everything else is in the description… which is a big mess. It took me way too long to figure out how to pick up a jetpack.
  • Too. Many. Controls!
  • I had to skip the level “Excrement II” (ew) because the level was too confusing and the background was hurting my eyes.
  • In fact, I had to skip the level after that, too! Like, what is this:

I think that’s enough cons for now, but trust me, there are more.



Okay, the art is good, I’ll give you that much. There is a lot of detail to almost everything. But, again, everything is so lifeless without animations. Everyone looks like stiff statues sliding around. I know that these are all supposed to be toys and all, but even Toy Story managed to make toys look alive through their movements and behaviors.
Also, some of the objects, like the boomerangs and bricks, look terrible. And it is difficult to tell what objects are background or game layer. This has gotten me killed twice.

So, in the end, you lost points for lack of animations and inconsistent artstyle.

Score: 2 / 5


All I can say about the music is “meh”. There’s something about it that feels out of place. Maybe because it feels way too calming? :thinking:

As for the sound, again, I wish there was more. The game feels very silent most of the time, especially when nothing is happening.

Score: 2 / 5


This is the first game by Shrekinson that I have played so far in which there is a story presented in-game. Unfortunately, this story is terrible.

Master Chief was killed by a Ronald McDonald imposter and now the protagonist, Johnny, must find a magical poop in the poop kingdom to revive the Master Chief and defeat Ronald McDonald.

That’s it. That’s literally it. It doesn’t sound fun at all, and it is incredibly random. And many of the NPCs scattered throughout the game don’t really contribute to the story. The NPCs that solely exist to crack jokes are not funny at all.

This game is clearly just trying to be one big meme and it is failing to amuse me.

Score: 1 / 5


As I said in the General category, I did not have fun with this game at all.

  • The objectives are confusing. I enter every level knowing absolutely nothing about what to do. The helpful “hints” at the start of the levels don’t help that much. I had to look through the editor to see what is going on, and even there I was confused about what you want me to do. Also, spectator mode doesn’t help.
    Speaking of which, I didn’t even know spectator mode was a thing until I read the description, which is a mess.
  • The story is terrible. I’ve already gone over why in the story section.
  • There is very little eye-grabbing details. Almost nothing about this game stands out as unique or interesting. Everyone, with the exception of a few enemies, are characters from other media that I can quickly point out. Bugs Bunny, Master Chief, Ronald McDonald, Spider-Man, etc. Make you own characters, buddy. You’ve already done this before.
  • Character dialogue is boring and unfunny. This game seems to be trying to get a laugh out of me, but the only thing it uses to accomplish this are memes. And none of those memes have anything to do with the game at all. It gets old very quickly.

Score: 1 / 5


This game is a story about your toys. Okay then, that’s creative. What ISN’T creative is the characters or story. Let me repeat what I said in the entertainment section:

Everyone, with the exception of a few enemies, are characters from other media that I can quickly point out. Bugs Bunny, Master Chief, Ronald McDonald, Spider-Man, etc. Make you own characters, buddy. You’ve already done this before.
So if this game is based on your toys, and I’m criticizing your lack of originality, how can you make your characters more original? Try creating new characters that are similar to those other characters, but still stand out as your own original characters.

And I think I’ve already stated how bad the story is…

Score: 1 / 5


Thank you for including a tutorial! Unfortunately, it is not very good. I left the tutorial only knowing how to move and shoot. It did not teach me how to pick up items or anything like that. Because of this, I got stuck on the “Mission” level because I didn’t know how to put on a jetpack. And I didn’t find the controls for it in the description until AFTER I finally managed to pick up the jetpack… by mashing every key in my keyboard until something happened.
Speaking of which, just like with Taile Gammougg 3, there are too many controls. Every key in the keyboard does something. Do you really expect me to know what key to press to accomplish a certain action? I don’t have the time to see what each key does.

The level design is also terrible. Even worse than Taile Gamougg 3 when I first reviewed the game. I don’t know where I am, where to go, and what to do. All I know is that I must find a boomerang. Now how do I do that? That’s the challenge, and it isn’t a very fun or easy one.

The enemies jump when you jump, which makes it extremely annoying to deal with them. It is also impossible to tell what objects are background and what objects are game layer, which has lead to my death many times.

Also, the projectiles that I fire and the ones that the enemies fire are hard to see, and with no sound or animation telling me that I am getting hurt, my health plummets really fast.

Score: 1 / 5


Alright, due to the fact that this game got a D Rank (1 - 1.9 as a final score), I am going to be leaving some suggestions.


The TL;DR of this? This game needs a complete rework. Start from scratch again.

My first recommendation: get rid of the memes. Forget Monsoon I don’t care what he has to say.

One thing that I noticed thus far with Shrekinson’s games is the overreliance on memes. I do like memes, I really do. But when they are everywhere, it is annoying. It’s just like how Among Us used to be known as a unique and fun party game that people played to sit through quarantine, but now it is mostly known for the cringey memes that it accidentally spawned. It’s a sad and unfortunate demise.
Memes are funny when they are used correctly and in a way that can get a laugh out of people. Take SMG4. His videos are one big meme-fest, yet they are funny because of the way that they are applied. They are usually appropriate in the situation, and are often used to tell jokes. Also, SMG4 knows when he needs to be serious (take Axol’s death, for example). This is partly why Brian’s death in Family Guy was so weak; they just kept telling jokes in a scenario where there needed to be seriousness.
However, for The GAME 420, it’s clear that everything is supposed to be one big meme. Even the story itself, with Master Chief getting killed by a Ronald McDonald imposter, is based off of memes. None of it is applied correctly in a way that makes it meaningful or funny. The game rarely even attempts to act serious. I know that it is okay if a game doesn’t take itself seriously at any point. Some of those games are big jokes themselves. However, those games will end up being successful when they find out what the limit is. The GAME 420 does not seem to know where the border between humor and boredom is when it comes to memes.
So, either get rid of the memes, or use them properly.

Other recommendations include:

  • Better level design
  • Differentiate the background and game layer objects more
  • Better art
  • Animations
  • Better story
  • Less controls, please
  • More SFXs
  • More originality

If you need any more elaboration, just ask.


FINAL SCORE: 1.3 / 5


This game needs more work, John Shrekinson.

I opened the game with high expectations because I thought the concept of a game being based on your toys was interesting. However, this is by far my least favorite game I have reviewed. It suffers many of the same issues as Taile Gamougg 3, both first review and second review, and just makes them all worse. Due to the low score it received, I added a Suggestions category. Please refer to that if you want to improve this game still.

If this review come across as aggressive, I’m sorry. Like I stated in the topic description, none of these reviews are meant to be an attack against the game creator. I’m simply critiquing the reviews based on what I think of the game. What are the highlights of the game and what are the downsides for me. And, for this particular game, it was really bad. I did not enjoy my experience whatsoever.

Better luck next time, and thank you for the submission!

Wowee this is a long post

Bruh how (I request elaboration)

I like memes. Also memes are super powers in the The GAME 420 universe.

I wanted to literally make a game about the toys I have. This was never meant to be an original game because of it. I don’t even consider it an original game of mine, rather I consider it a fangame of all the characters/franchises present.

Thanks! I’ll deal with this.


That’s my favorite level in the whole game :smiling_face_with_tear: but if the background is hurting your eyes… That’s a serious problem. May you kindly tell me how this is specifically affecting you? This is my biggest concern since I too hate it when a game really hurts my eyes, especially on Flowlab.

That’s the Poop Temple. Poop society has really evolved architecturally I’d say. Quite a lot of progress on the buildings.

Ok, but still no player animations (for this game at least; the next game in this series will have them).

The old mixing with the new.

Just wondering, is it safe to assume that this is your favorite meme? Or am I really just that weird and confusing?

More and aggressive. Got it :+1:.


That’s the point

Well, not really. It’s not like every Family Guy character contributes to the plot of every episode.

I’m sorry to hear that. This game was made from August to December 2021 however, so the art inconsistency and the meme unfunniness could be partially or completely attributed to a long development.

The Boomerang Portal is always the main thing. Everything else is there either as an optional thing or an item you can pick up to help you on your journey (or its an easter egg).

My toys and then funy mems tho?

I wonder how I could do this. May you please explain?

I pride myself on humor so,

Ok but why though? It wouldn’t be lore accurate then.

Not everything is mandatory. Maybe I should try using more button combos?

My semi-open world issue :pensive:.

How can I make them more visible?

Ok I will add the Shield Flare animation from Halo: Flowlab Evolved into this game.

Bruh telling me this would be like telling a fish to stop swimming in water.




I completely understand.

You’re welcome!

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Well, as I may have stated a couple of times throughout the review, I didn’t have much fun. Please refer to the Entertainment section for more info.

Well, at least you are going to add animations in other games…

I would say it’s a mix of both. My favorite meme is pretty much anything that has to do with hysterical laughter or utter confusion. In this case, I was using that meme to emphasize my confusion of the story and how you came up with it.

But I think it’s rude to call you “weird”.

Mostly because the writers don’t use some of those characters very well and/or very often. Family Guy’s general quality has deteriorated heavily over the years.

Yes. There is only one thing in the optional half of the tutorial. There needs to be more.

I would work on making every (important) character interesting. Like giving your protagonist a personality that is different from another character.

Also, gameplay-wise, this is basically Taile Gamougg 3. It has the same platformer and run 'n gun elements. Add some new stuff, like a special meter for special attacks, or techniques that can be done with button combos. And better variety to defeating certain enemies. For many enemies, I just had to spam the shoot button and that’s all. It can get repetitive eventually.

Use jokes, puns, ironic statements, comedic scenes, ridiculous dialogue, roasts and burns, etc. Look for a game, movie, TV show, etc that you can find with funny jokes and learn from them.

Don’t just use random memes, or have a character say “I obliterated everyone in DOOM II”. That statement has no humor behind it whatsoever.

Because if you don’t, then that shows that you put very little creativity into the project. You’re just taking other people’s characters and placing them in some other scenario that they (probably) don’t fit into. It’s kinda hard to imagine Spider-Man as some kind of elder-god-being thing.

Not only is that unoriginal and uncreative, but in the real world, some companies can and will sue you for using their work in your project without their permission first. Yes, this is a game based on your toys, but most people won’t take that as a proper excuse.

Button combos can help with performing special moves and such.

But while playing the game and reading the description, what I noticed is that there are various different buttons to pick up various different items. Why not have a single button pick up any item, and then have the game tell you what you picked up?

E is used to pick up the jetpack, so why use a different key to pick up the Revealer or the SMG?

This image shows all of the controls listed in the game’s description. You cannot possibly convince me that this isn’t too much.

Again, a bulleted list would lead to better organization.

Sure thing!

So the background consisted of various green and black patterns. When the camera is not moving, when I look from one side of the screen to another, it feels like a bunch of flashing lights. And since this background covers a sizeable part of the screen, it is enough to hurt my eyes. When the camera is moving, it creates the same effect, but it becomes worse when I look from one side of the screen to another again. This happened to me a lot since I was trying to look for what to do in that level.
This is affecting me because it hurts my eyes and makes me feel disoriented. My eyes are really sensitive, and exposing them to patterns like this gives me headaches for hours. For people with epilepsy or photosensitivity conditions, this is dangerous for them.

So I’d recommend a background that doesn’t involve patterns like this. Or at least warn people in the beginning that this might cause issues for them.

Anyways, that’s all I have to say for now. If you have any more questions, I’ll try to answer them.

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Also I think this may help you for my future games:

  • The pause, level restart, game restart, and fullscreen buttons are the same in nearly all my games.
  • My game serieses in order from least to most serious:
  1. The GAME 420
  2. Taile Gamougg
  3. CubeTales
Thanks again for your time!

I see. I like ridiculous things too :slightly_smiling_face:.

Just the facts.

I see about the first sentence. And the second one too kinda because I’m on season 11 now.

Agreed, thank you.

Oh yeah. I would say that Johnny is rather flamboyant, but I have no clue how to show this in game besides the dialogue.

Yup. Now I will definitely add something cool.

Wow okay. Interesting. I think I will do this now.

Purely so that the player can become superpowered and use several weapons and gadgets at the same time and to create exciting weapon combos.

Ok, bullet point time.

Oh yeah me too but I got over it and didn’t think too much of it. Somehow I thought that the rainbow costume in older versions of Gamougg 3 was more harmful to the eyes than this.



Hey could you give this game a try? It’s a Gamougg spinoff with a totally different genre.

And despite its name, no, it is not a meme game and there are no jokes.

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