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Its still a demo and some things may be changed so expect more soon : p

EDIT: Demo is super short to just so ya know


Thanks for playing and reviewing! I appreciate you taking the time. The game certainly doesn’t hand anything to you :smiley: But if you ever played the Swordquest series on the Atari 2600 (the inspiration for Sacrifice), then Sacrifice reads like a 20 foot tall billboard.

Here are some hints. Ignore the eyeballs, all they do is hassle you and make the room dark. They won’t damage you.

The thief in the maze will only eject you from the maze, but the thief in the overworld will take you to his den and try to rob you.

Start with the Four Sisters challenge (in the top left corner of overworld - the house standing on it’s own). Get the candle and go from there?


If this topic is still going, do you mind reviewing taile gamougg 3 again? I have changed and updated it a lot since your last review and I would like to see what you think of it now almost a year after your original review.


Given that Summertime’s finally near, I believe I will be able to review your game.

Same thing goes with everyone else, in case you still want your games reviewed.


Poggers, this is. Excited for your return, I am.


taile gamougg 3: Journey Through the Land of Blocks - By @John_Shrekinson (re-reviewed)


Review of Gameplay - taile gamougg 3: Journey Through the Land of Blocks is a platforming game where you play as Gamougg (if I am correct), a space skeleton warrior. He has found himself in a land of blocks (aka Minecraft) and must make his way through the mysterious world, meeting new friends and enemies along the way. At least, that is what I am interpreting from the discussion and the gameplay.
Anyways, the game features a variety of weapons, hazards, and mobility options that should (hopefully) help you on your way.

This game has already been reviewed once. Has the score improved or gotten worse? Stick around to find out!


  • This is a simple gameplay, at least for the running and jumping part
  • The basic controls are easy to use
  • Since last time, the levels have improved greatly. I remember giving up in the Nether because it was just a maze where you can’t tell what’s solid and what’s not. Now I completed the whole Nether in 6 minutes.


  • Still very unclear about what each block does. Many blocks look exactly the same, yet some of them can be pushed or broken. And there is nothing to indicate which ones are those types of blocks.
  • Where did my guns go? Yeah, the weapons disappear when you complete a level while holding said weapons, making every other level all the more challenging. This bug doesn’t happen on the first and last levels of story mode, though…
  • Too many enemies
  • Several Ender Dragons spawned in the finale
  • Though a story is implied to be present, it is not told in-game
  • If you complete the level die as Pro Gabrielfo, the player character completely disappears from the game until you open the editor or refresh the page. The latter is not recommended unless you are fine with losing your progress.



Compared to last time, there is a lot more original art present. However, there are still unoriginal art present. Things such as colored versions of Minecraft swords, chad endermen, and a creeper as an anime girl (or boy, or whatever they identify themselves as) are scattered throughout the game. The original art, on the other hand, is not terrible, per se, but a mix of unimpressive and really good. It's clear that there was minimal effort on some things but loads more effort on others. That, plus a lack of animations, makes this grade pretty low.

Score: 2 / 5


In terms of music, the first level absolutely slaps. Same thing with the first Death Gauntlet. All the other levels use Flowlab-provided music instead, but that's okay. In terms of SFX, it is used well for the most part. Honestly not much I can say about the Sound category other than it is decent. Kind of wish there was more, though.

Score: 4 / 5



As mentioned in the cons, there is a story, but it is not actually told in-game. I would have given this a 1, but I’m gonna be generous this time and exempt you for this.

Score: Exempted


Entertainment value? I’m going to admit that there is a lot you can do here. The main story, the Death Gauntlets, the Forge, etc. This game has the potential to be replayed over and over again by dedicated player without making them bored.
Right… that’s the downside. The only thing I found close to “fun” was the main story mode. The race is slow and anti-climactic, which are qualities that shouldn’t be attributed to a race. And the Death Gauntlet is just confusing and too big of a difficulty jump. How do you expect me to jump across a big, lava-filled pit when Gamougg is slow and Pro Gabrielfo is a terrible jumper?
The main story mode is the best option if you’re looking for good gameplay and entertainment, since it has easy gameplay and better difficulty (though there are still some hiccups to address).

Score: 3 / 5


Same thing as last time.

Score: 3 / 5


Okay, so last time the grade was a 4. Is it the same now? Well… there are some good things and some bad things.

Major Problems

The following problems absolutely killed the difficulty.

  • There’s a bug that makes the weapons disappear forever if you reach the goal with those weapons equipped. That makes it impossible to defeat the enemies without jumping on top of them. Which doesn’t work on all enemies, and it’s very tedious to do this when the only enemies that can be defeated this way can fly and come in swarms.
  • The tutorial does not cover all the features: weapons; vehicles; dashing; and much more. I died 5 times before checking the description and realizing how to shoot with my weapons. It’s embarrassing to die in the tutorial, but it’s awkwardly more reassuring when the tutorial feels incomplete. I also had to learn WAY too much as I went along. Everything about the game is in the description only. I’m playing and judging this game mostly from the perspective of someone who is playing this in an actual application, and those people cannot rely on a description to tell them how to fly a ship when the game doesn’t tell them how to fly it. So the fact that I had to stop, scroll down, and read the description to understand what buttons do what is not good. And remember, there are bats coming for my brain, so I am on a time limit here.
  • Speaking of controls, there are too many of them. Almost all of the buttons do things from equipping weapons to stylizing your character. Some of them, like the costumes, are useless, and some are too OP (the / equips a rocket launcher, which is just a bullet that obeys gravity). And the controls to control the vehicles are a bit awkward.
  • If you complete the level or die as Pro Gabrielfo, the player character completely disappears and you have to enter the editor in order to fix the bug. Again, I’m judging this from the perspective of someone who is playing this on a desktop app, so the fact that I must access the editor for fix this bug is not good. Also, the description acknowledges that this bug is present. That tells me that you are aware of the bug, but for some reason it is not fixed yet. If a feature contains a possibly game-breaking bug, why let people know about it and make it accessible to them?
  • The boss… doesn’t do anything. Is that bad? Unless you hate bossfights, then yes, it’s bad. If a boss is not going to act as an obstacle, let alone a very challenging obstacle that is about as active or more active than a regular enemy, then it is not a boss. It doesn’t even hurt you, either! As for the other “bosses”, like the Ender Tank and the Ender Dragon, I killed them both is mere seconds. That’s not challenging, especially considering that they are the final obstacle.
  • The Endermen… don’t do anything. Again, if a hazard doesn’t do anything, then it’s not an enemy.

Okay, with the bad stuff out of the way, let’s focus on the good things regarding the difficulty. The levels are a good mix of hard and easy. The big challenges for these levels are the spikes and the enemies. You also have to figure out where to go and how to get there.

Hmm… yeah, as you can see, the bad stuff outnumber the good, so…

Score: 2 / 5


FINAL SCORE: 2.8 / 5

This is an “okay” from me, John Shrekinson.

I’m judging this game from a much, MUCH more critical standpoint than I did last time (and I’ll be doing that for future requests, too). And, unfortunately, the game isn’t too great. It’s not terrible, I’ll give you that. The game seems to be heading in the right direction in terms of high replayability and story(?). Everything else desperately needs more work.

I am aware that you are working on taile gamougg 4. I hope that you learn a bit from this review to make sure that the fourth game ends up being better.

Better luck next time, and thank you for your submission!

Full response

*Knock-off Minecraft

You have to unequip them before entering the portal. I’ve tested this countless times and it seems like an Attacher block issue.

If you kill the tank too hard, lag is your worst enemy. Maybe I should figure out a different way to spawn the Ender Dragon.

I think that if I added NPCs, people might confuse them with the Costume Statues.

Double press escape fixes this and is intended that way I believe.

I felt like I should replace the meme every year to fit better with the times. Last year it was Enderman Drip.

Royalty-free music sounds better than Flowlab music. I see.


Dash and Force Jump, Sword Flight, Chungusblade Dragon, Shield-Block Boost, Spiky Slope Ascension, etc. I try to add a lot of different “ascension methods” to my games in the hope that players will use them to jump across huge gaps.

I never got around to fixing the tutorial because there was always the description.

I don’t usually say that a player playing my game in a certain way is wrong (in fact, I don’t ever say that), but my games were never meant to be exported off of Flowlab. Nearly all of them rely on the editor in one way or another.

There’s the pause button for that

The Ice Bomber’s gimmick is supposed to be bouncy explosive blue ball :smiley:.

I don’t know…

I’m not sure what to make the dragon do. I want it to be different from the real Ender Dragon because the characters get trapped in a knock-off Minecraft. As for the Enderman Tank, Idk how to make it move like a tank. It would have to rotate too.

Thank you! I sure did learn a bit from this review (I think I’ve already got the enemy and boss stuff covered).

You’re welcome for my submission. And thank you for your review!


Great! And good luck on Taile Gamougg 4!

Brief Reply and Possible Solutions

I figured. I think there is a way to work around this bug. If you make it so that the player unequips the weapons before entering the next level, the problem might be avoided. I suggest making a brief animation to ensure that there is enough time to do this, and to add a bit more life into the game, because everything so far looks like a bunch of animate statues with little movement.

Yup, I figured this out, but I’m still not a fan of it.

Allow me to grant you the elaboration you requested:

Judging from the editor, it looks like what you have to do is (spoilers in case anyone else wants to give a shot) jump across sloped platforms, climb up a cage of gems, climb on top of the shield (assuming you didn’t deactivate it), somehow jump across the huge lava pit, avoid the Ender Tank, jump onto a ship, and pilot it towards the end goal. With very little instructions on what to do, plus the drastic gameplay change from the simple run and jump of the story mode, I found myself looking ahead with the editor. That’s when I found out about the ship and everything.

As for the second Death Gauntlet level… it looks like a platforming mess. There are blocks EVERYWHERE and the majority of them are unnecessary to progress. Also, there is no goal. I’m assuming that you need to destroy the Ender Tanks, but I tried shooting them again, and they didn’t die.

I’m sorry… you lost me at Force Jump. There is no key for that, nor is there an obvious combo to accomplish this.

Admittedly, I did manage to use the Shield-Block Boost to jump across the gap… but only because you told me about this. I initially found not use for the shield because it just placed a bunch of blocks everywhere and pushed me backwards (I accidentally killed myself this way). But now that I am finally aware of the Shield Jump trick, I can use it now. Still, not every player is going to find this cool “Mario Kaizo” type of tricks in an instant.

As for everything else, I have no idea what any of those are.

That’s understandable, and also not a bad way to create your games, especially on a platform where players can open the editor anytime to see how the games work.

However, I probably should have mentioned this before, so I’m going to say it here. And this goes for everyone else, too: if I need to go to the editor to fix an inconvenience, find out what on Earth is going on, or find out what I need to do, you are going to get penalized for that. I’m not playing from the perspective of you, as in the game editor, I’m playing from the perspective of a regular player who cannot access the editor whatsoever.

If I go into the editor out of curiosity, or to create a new level (like with the Forge), you won’t get penalized.

See, that’s the thing, I didn’t know that there is a pause button until I looked at the description, so even then I was on a time limit.

Just a funny side-note: I’m used to using Backspace or ESC to pause games, but in this case, both buttons would reset my progress on the level. But that’s my fault, I’m not expecting every game to use Backspace as a pause button. It’s just a personal preference for me.

Personally, I prefer a bulleted list showing each control. Like this:

What You Have

Your health will regenerate automatically after taking damage. After taking damage, you will heal automatically every 90 tenths of a second. You can also heal by jumping on top of Shadow Bats or by touching Electrolyte Nylium.

WAD or arrow keys to move. Press shift to deploy shield blocks for a brief second.

Press \ to dash right, and Ctrl to dash left.

S to equip and shoot the Eggdude Rifle, Spacebar for the SMG. Press Y to unequip these. Discover more weapons by experimenting with the keyboard.

Press H to spawn extra spikes to make the game more challenging. This also has other uses.

Press P to pause the game, Backspace to restart the level, and ` to restart the whole game.

Touch Costume Statues to wear special costumes! Your appearance can also be changed by pressing any number between 1-5 on the keyboard. Press R to remove costumes.

Press N to play as Pro Gabrielfo. The move controls (jump, move left, move right) are the same, but to dash right you must press D, and press A to dash left. Press the numbers 1 through 4 to summon that number of shadow clones. Press CapsLock to summon permanent shadows. Pressing X will destroy these, while C will make them shoot Ghostballs. Press spacebar for yourself to shoot Ghostballs. Note: If you die as Pro Gabrielfo, or finish the level with him, he will not respawn. You must press Escape twice to continue. If you wish to play as Pro Gabrielfo again, simply press N. Wait for the level to fully load before doing the process described above.

What I Would Recommend
  • WAD or Arrow Keys - Movement
  • Shift - Deploy Shield Blocks
  • \ - Dash Right
  • CTRL - Dash Left
  • S - Equip Eggdude Rifle
  • SPACEBAR - Equip SMG
  • / - Equip Ice Bomber
  • Y - Unequip Weapons
  • H - Spawn a spike
  • P - Pause
  • BACKSPACE - Restart Level
  • ` - Restart Game
  • Number Keys (1-9) - Change Outfit (Optional)
  • R - Remove Outfit (Optional)

You’ll heal every 9 seconds, but you can heal faster by jumping on Shadow Bats or collecting Electrolyte Nylium.

Locate and grab Costume Statues to wear special costumes!

(I didn’t bother creating a controls list for Pro Gabrielfo because his controls list is even more messy)

I think I recommended this to Mr. Ramshackle when they started using Flowlab. Perhaps you can try it out too.


@Deadly_Smile , @The_KWASM , @hihilogic , do you guys still want a review on your games?

2 Likes - Alpaca Raceway

Did I ask you to review it before? I will be updating quite a bit of the game, so before then I wanted to get some more information on what you think could be better


I don’t think you have yet, unless my memory is wrong. I’ll get to it as soon as possible. Thanks for the submission!

Response (from a presumed "Morbius male")

I see. The Death Gauntlet is meant for seasoned players who’ve beaten the game, but I can try making it more consistent. Thanks for the elaboration!

I’m still working on the second Death Gauntlet level; it’s far from finished. As for the Ender Tanks, they didn’t die because I just added a new way of killing them: shooting Rotating End Stone Blocks at them. These blocks are marked with a black icon that is very clear based on your suggestion earlier.

Force Jump is a special ability that uses what was once a glitch/testing feature and turns it into a combo move. Just press both of the jump buttons at the same time to activate it. 75% of this game’s player abilities and weapons are found by discovery and playtime. Everyone plays and slays [monsters] at their own pace.

Totally agree. Many games on Flowlab require the editor for inconvenience removal but I didn’t realize that mine were among them.

I see. If those keys are preferences shared by the majority of the playerbase, I will change them.

That’s an AWESOME list. Beautiful. Very well organized. Understandable for Pro Gabrielfo. I can surely try this, thank you again for all your help!


Alpaca Raceway - By @CodeAlpaca


Review of Gameplay - Alpaca Raceway is a racing game (obviously) where you must reach the end goal of the track. Sounds easy? It’s a casual experience is what I would call it.
The coolest things is that you can save your scores and submit them to the official discussion, and even create your own tracks to challenge other people! As far as I’ve seen, this is the first game that I’ve played that has its own level creator, and that you can submit levels to feature! I was planning on doing this with one of my secret projects, but as far as I can see here, I got beaten to it by an alpaca. Congratulations, buddy, hold this trophy: :trophy:


  • Various official tracks, with tons of variety to them
  • World Record
  • Can save and submit your times to the official discussion
  • Community-made tracks? I’m all in for those!
  • Level Editor? Again, I’m all in for those. As a big fan of Super Mario Maker 2, I know I’m going to have lots of fun with this.



  • There’s no tutorial. Granted, the controls are simple and you can pretty much learn as you go, but one would have been appreciated.
  • Levels 23 and 24, while cleverly made, are a bit of a nightmare to pass compared to the other levels…




The art is really good. It’s not a complete mess, and everything is very stylish. The artstyle is the same throughout most of the game. Also, the customization of the player character is a really nice feature too!

Score: 4 / 5


The music is really fun to listen to while racing down the tracks, and the music that plays in the editor is pretty relaxing. You’ve made some really good choices.

In terms of SFX, there is very little of them, and the majority come in the form of fanfares or UI interactions. But, given how the game works, I can forgive that.

Score: 4 / 5


There is no story present.

Score: Exempted


Okay, so theoretically, if one were to beat all the levels, including the community made ones, they would get bored of the game and move on, right? NOPE! This game encourages players to beat the levels as fast as possible to compete with other players for the World Record. Not only that, but there is a level editor too. You can create your own levels and make other people play them! That is golden. I really enjoy it when games do this.

There is a lot of replay value to this game. I’m definitely going to come back to this game every now and then.

Score: 5 / 5


There are plenty of racing games out there. But as far as I can see with the gameplay, art, and level editor, Alpaca Raceway stands out.

Score: 5 / 5


The levels provide a pretty solid change of difficulty for the most part. But it’s just levels 23 and 24 that are mad confusing. I did manage to beat them eventually… by wall-hugging and gathering enough speed to zoom into the goal/checkpoints.

I’m not that bitter about failing to reach the goal at a certain amount of time. It’s meant to be difficult, so I won’t complain about that.

The controls are great, but again I wish there was a tutorial to explain the basics so that I don’t have to scroll down to the description and read everything.
It’s okay if you allow the player to learn from experience rather than have the tutorial explain everything. The tutorial is meant to teach all the basics and stuff that you must know. It’ll only be a problem when too much of the game requires learning on your own. So far, I would say that the content that I must learn on my own is okay (that being the engine shut-off, the steering shut-off, clearing the checkpoints, etc.)

Score: 5 / 5


Here are some of the tracks I created. I’ll send them to the appropriate forum whenever I can.

Really Rad Road

2,256,128,0,1,1,352,128,0,1,1,448,128,0,1,1,544,128,0,1,2,640,128,90,1,1,640,224,90,1,1,640,320,90,1,2,640,416,270,1,6,256,320,270,1,2,736,416,180,1,1,736,224,90,1,1,352,32,0,1,1,256,32,0,1,1,448,32,0,1,1,544,32,0,1,1,640,32,0,1,2,736,128,0,1,2,832,128,180,1,2,832,32,90,1,1,736,32,0,1,2,160,32,0,1,1,160,128,90,1,1,160,224,90,1,1,160,320,90,1,1,256,224,90,1,1,256,416,180,1,2,352,416,180,1,1,352,320,90,1,2,160,416,270,1,2,352,224,0,1,3,736,320,270,1,5,448,224,0,1"MetaNinja" Laps: 1


6,288,288,270,1,1,288,192,90,1,2,288,96,0,1,1,384,96,0,1,1,480,96,0,1,3,576,96,0,1,2,672,96,90,1,1,672,192,90,1,1,672,288,90,1,1,576,384,0,1,2,288,384,270,1,5,384,384,180,1,2,672,384,180,1,3,480,384,180,1,9,352,320,0,1,9,384,288,0,1,9,416,256,0,1,9,448,224,0,1,9,480,192,0,1,9,512,160,0,1,9,512,192,0,1,9,512,224,0,1,9,512,256,0,1,9,512,288,0,1,9,512,320,0,1,9,384,320,0,1,9,416,320,0,1,9,448,320,0,1,9,480,320,0,1,9,416,288,0,1,9,448,288,0,1,9,448,256,0,1,9,480,224,0,1,9,480,256,0,1,9,480,288,0,1"MetaNinja" Laps: 5

Messy Highway

6,256,352,0,1,2,352,352,180,1,2,160,448,270,1,1,352,448,0,1,2,352,64,0,1,1,448,64,0,1,1,544,64,0,1,2,160,256,0,1,1,544,352,0,1,2,640,64,90,1,2,640,160,270,1,2,736,160,90,1,2,736,256,270,1,2,832,256,90,1,2,832,352,180,1,2,736,352,0,1,2,736,448,180,1,2,640,448,270,1,2,640,352,90,1,2,448,448,180,1,4,352,256,270,1,1,448,256,0,1,2,544,256,180,1,2,544,160,90,1,1,448,160,0,1,2,448,352,0,1,3,352,160,270,1,5,256,256,0,1,7,160,352,270,1,3,256,448,180,1,4,160,448,270,0,4,160,256,0,0"MetaNinja" Laps: 5

Twists and Turns

6,256,64,90,1,2,256,160,270,1,2,352,160,90,1,2,352,256,180,1,2,256,256,0,1,2,256,352,180,1,2,160,352,0,1,2,160,448,270,1,1,256,448,0,1,2,352,448,180,1,2,352,352,0,1,2,448,352,90,1,2,448,448,270,1,2,544,448,180,1,2,544,256,90,1,1,544,352,90,1,2,448,256,270,1,2,448,160,0,1,2,544,160,180,1,1,544,64,0,0,9,512,32,0,1,9,544,32,0,1,9,576,32,0,1,1,448,64,0,1,3,352,64,0,1,2,640,64,90,1,2,640,160,270,1,2,736,160,180,1,2,736,64,0,1,2,832,64,90,1,1,832,160,90,1,2,832,256,180,1,2,736,256,0,1,2,736,352,270,1,2,832,352,90,1,2,832,448,180,1,1,736,448,0,1,2,640,448,270,1,5,640,256,270,1,4,640,352,270,1"MetaNinja" Laps: 1


FINAL SCORE: 4.6 / 5

Impressive work on the game, Code Alpaca!

I love this game! It has so much replay value, and I could see myself getting addicted to zooming around the tracks, trying to complete the levels as fast as possible. With the level editor, I can create whatever my mind can think of, and challenge other players to complete my tracks at the fastest time possible. So far, I would recommend adding a tutorial to teach the players the ropes instead of expecting them to read the description.

Hey, good luck on the new update for the game! I’ll stick around to see what you are planning to do.

Congratulations, and thank you for your submission!



Hello I would like suggestion on my Gamougg fangame please


Sure thing, I think I’ll get it done either Thursday or Friday.


understandable, have a great day and reviwewing seesiion


Taile Gamougg Emerald Warrior - By @117JOJO


Review of Gameplay - So much like the official game that inspired it, Gamougg is on another adventure… but this time he got himself an emerald-clad armor (or at least it looks like it). If that is emerald armor, he should probably choose a different armor set, because emerald is actually a bad choice of armor. The green gem is prone to shattering if it suffers damage. Same thing with diamonds; Minecraft has done a fatal error.
But in all seriousness, Taile Gamougg Emerald Warrior is a game where you hack and slash through enemies to reach the exit, much like the game that inspired it. Based on the discussion about the game, Gamougg’s home is under siege by demons and he must defend his friends and family. As it currently stands… that’s it.


  • Gamougg looks epic, and so does Ren Chungus


  • As of this review… this game is FAR from finished
  • Stamina does not recover if fully exhausted
  • Attacking and blocking with the keys is SUPER OP



Gamougg looks really cool in this emerald-colored suit. Again, if that armor is made out of emeralds, Gamougg is making a terrible choice. But I’m not really critiquing Gamougg’s intellect, I’m critiquing the artstyle.

The only other things eye-catching here are the trees, weapons, Ren Chungus, and the ground in the boss battle. That’s it… everything else uses default textures.

Score: 2 / 5


This game is… eerily silent. Apart from occasional SFXs from enemies being defeated or something running into my shield… There is no sound.

Score: 1 / 5


Apart from the boss’ death speech and the discussion, there is no story clearly presented in the game.

Score: Exempted


As of right now, there isn’t anything to do other than complete the levels. There aren’t any special feelings with experiencing the game. It’s just a super simple platforming game with sword mechanics.

Score: 1 / 5


I’m really sorry, but this is definitely getting one point.

As you’ve stated already, this is a fangame, and right now this fangame has not presented anything new or unique.

Score: 1 / 5


Let’s see here. There’s no tutorial, the levels are super duper easy (partly due to the ability that you can spam attack by holding down the T key), and there are almost no repercussions for dying or losing HP.

What I’m saying is that I “beat” this game in 5 minutes. Right now, there is very little stuff, and the game is extremely quick and easy to complete.

Score: 1 / 5


I decided to come up with the suggestions category because JOJO mentioned it:

I already provide suggestions in the conclusion category, but I feel like suggestions also deserve their own. So from now on, I’ll include a suggestions category if a game in incomplete and/or the requester asks for more suggestions.

So, JOJO, with how empty and small this game is right now, I’m not exactly sure what you are planning to do going forward. I do have a list of suggestions that I am sure will lead to an awesome Gamougg fangame.

  • Recover stamina even when fully exhausted
  • Change the attacking/blocking speed when using keys. Instead of having it continuously attack or block from holding down the button, have it delay a bit or make it so that the player has to repeatedly tap the button.
  • More unique level designs
  • Make it so that the player doesn’t instantly die from touching an enemy (there’s a health bar for a reason)
  • Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials
  • Find a way to apply the game’s story into the game itself, whether it be through cutscenes, dialogue, etc.

So far, that’s the most suggestions I can give you.


FINAL SCORE: 1.2 / 5

This game needs some more work, JOJO…

So, I believe you started this game around a month ago, so I can understand why there is very little in this game. That being said, it’s still extremely early for a critical review. Pay attention to the suggestions category if you want some advice, though there’s not really much I can tell you due to how early and new the game is.

But hey, maybe this game will grow into a highly successful game, perhaps even being better than the source material! Just work hard and maybe you’ll get there…!

Better luck next time, and thank you for your submission!

Glossary (idk why I just like that word)

It does tho :thinking:

Sad bruh…

ok I will add more.


Samurai in Gamougg?

Level restart?


Not when I initially played it. Maybe it got fixed later on, but when I reviewed the game, the stamina did not recover when it depleted completely.

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