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Despite this being a large community full of promising game developers, I rarely find time to play people’s games. And some of the more prominent game review discussions died, or at least became heavily inactive. So in order to ensure that I actually play your games and set aside time to do so, I am opening my own game review thread.

The review starts off with the following categories:

  • Pros: Things I liked about the game, or praises about the game.
  • Cons: Things I didn’t like about the game, or criticisms about the game.
  • Review of Gameplay: I talk about what I experienced whilst playing the game.

The above categories are personal experiences and aren’t always the same for every player, so therefore those categories will NOT count towards the final grade.

The game will be fully graded by the following categories:

  • Art: Does the art look sloppy or professionally made? Score 1-5
  • Sound: Does the sound seem appropriate for the game? Score 1-5
  • Story: How well written is the story? (not counted if the game has no story) Score 1-5
  • Entertainment: Was the game entertaining to play, or was it boring? Score 1-5
  • Originality: Is the game fully original or a fan-game? Score 1-5
  • Difficulty: How difficult is it to win the game? (games that are too easy or too difficult will get low grade for this category) Score 1-5

The overall grade is determined by categories Art - Difficulty, adding the scores of each category. For the sake of simplicity, your score will be displayed as an average of the graded categories.

Games will be reviewed once a week, hopefully by Saturday night. Good luck to everyone who submits their games here.

Reminder: If you submit a game here, you should always expect there to be criticism, suggestions, and other forms of feedback. These reviews should not be considered personal attacks, so please don’t treat them as such. Remember, the Community Guidelines states that you should "Criticize ideas, not people." Please be respectful to one another, and be kind when reviewing games. If you disagree with a particular review, that is fine, just don’t treat that review as an attack. Thank you for understanding.


I would like for you to review my game Wilder’s Creation please. Not many reviewers were active when it came out so I’m trying to push it out there now.


Sure thing! Expect the review to come out this Saturday, or at best maybe Friday.


Awesome! Thanks a bunch!


This is a remake of Flappy Bird that I made for a game jam, probably won’t score high on the originality part but I added my own touch to it.


Yeah, I can already tell by the name that it is not original. But to be fair, judging from the description, this was for a Flappy Bird Remake Game Jam, so…

Anyways, expect a review to come on Saturday, or at best Friday.


Made this for the last flowjam, I couldn’t clean it up since I have no Pc still.

Thanks for the submission! I’m not sure if I will be able to post the review on Saturday, but since I have already played this game some time after the end of the Summer Jam, it is still possible.


Hey, you know the original Flappy Bird actually has an ending? When you’re approaching 999 points there’s a “hallway” of pipes you have to go through and when you hit 999 you think you’re playing the game normally again, but when you’re about to pass a pipe Mario comes out of the top one and kills you, not even knowing that you were there. It’s also a bloody mess.


I think I’m just gonna leave it until someone tells me they got to 999 points in my game.


Not the best. (Cuz it’s my first game ever with flowlab) Bugs made into a game. U can wall jump by spamming w and a or d a if the wall is on the left d on the right. And roofride by spamming when u hit the roof

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Dang, I already have 5 submissions in less than 24 hours. This topic is really drumming up some attention.

Thanks for your submissions @LukeW and @ManiacPumpkin. I’m not sure if I can complete the reviews by Saturday, but I’ll try my best.


It’s because of the

Reviewing Renaissance


PS: Here’s a game


Sorry for taking so long to respond, I was on my phone, and I don’t really like to type there because my autocorrect keeps thinking that “time” and “to” are the same word.

Anyways, thanks for the submission, and I will try my best to post the review on Saturday.

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can you review the demo of august silence?

the game is probably close to finished soon, wondering what can be improved.

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Wilder’s Creation - By @Greggo

Review of Gameplay - So some of the game art did not load properly, but luckily the problem was fixed by exiting full-screen. After I progressed from the main menu and past the cutscene about Dr. Wilder and his pumpkin creation, I began my quest to leave the facility. I struggled a bit on the first two levels, but I managed to get past them in a relatively short time. When I got to the first boss, I was impressed with how well done the boss was made. There was plenty more stuff that I experienced, but this review would be too long if I listed everything that went down. But this was definitely a great game to play. I see why Grazer chose to feature this game.


  • Levels are well-designed
  • Unique fighting style, requiring aiming rather than hacking and slashing
  • Creative graphics and art style
  • I like the music, especially the one for the cellar.


  • The only way I can tell when an attack is successful is when an enemy gets more aggressive, or it changed color. At least for some enemies.
  • I was transported to another “world” (or stage, whatever they are called) that immediately led me to the secret lab, even though I never defeated the Zomboss or the Knight. I’m guessing this is a bug.

Art: [5] Impressive work with the art! I have not yet seen any other game with a similar art style.
Sound: [4] This is good music, although few enemies that I have encountered actually make sounds when they get injured, making it harder for me to tell if they got hurt.
Story: [4] The story of a creature who wants to see life in the outside world is pretty intriguing, and given current global circumstances, is something that I think everyone really wants. Although I don’t see any resolution here. Did Wilder’s Creation ever manage to escape the lab? The game ended pretty abruptly with the Doctor’s defeat.
Entertainment: [5] Overall, this is a fun game and I can see people continuously rejoining the game to play more.
Originality: [5] This game has a unique story, gameplay, and enemies. While it does remind me a bit of Frankenstein, I still see a completely different universe here.
Difficulty: [4] Some levels were difficult. Often, I completed the level with just 1 HP left, constantly making a run for it when I encounter enemies. However, despite this difficulty, the game does not cause rage, and that is a good thing.

Total Score: 4.5/5
Impressive work with the game, Greggo. Congratulations on getting it featured! While a strange bug within the game caused me to skip levels, forcing me to manually go to the editor and enter the levels myself, I still enjoyed the game a lot, with its unique gameplay mechanics and art. This might be something I would come back to.

Congratulations, and thank you for your submission!


Thank you so much! I’ve recently been made aware of the level skip bug and hope to address it in an update early February. I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed your experience with it and hope you’ll look forward to the updates to make the experience even better!

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What review is next?