Game is very laggy

I have no clue as to why my game is so laggy:

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You can cut my name out of who made it, I pretty much did nothing :sweat_smile:


I have Indie so I can check the gameplay stats aka “display perfomance metric”

It looks like it’s the amount of attacher objects,
also proximity and Raycasts are known to create lag.


yeeesh, thats why I always try to come up with alternatives with proximity using positions and expressions

I already tried it, I had @JR01 help with reducing the lag and it worked, but now all of a sudden it’s borderline unplayable.

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Also it’s fine, I can keep you in the title :slight_smile:

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I can go on my computer and check it out later rn I’m busy

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I guess no one else could find anything. I really did not want to have to scrap this game.

nono, I just looked into it and it seems like you have way too many globals, like a obscene amunt

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But without the globals, nothing can function properly.

I just noticed…you might want to look up what that word means-

Oh sorry, I didn’t get my computer until very late that night so I forgot, I’ll check it rn

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:flushed: whoops, I thought it just meant a disgusting amount

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So looking at this, we can tell that I have a 2015 chromebook and that some other things are going wrong.

  1. In the New Object 112 (please name it properly), there is an Attacher. why. The attached object literally cannot be seen.

I mean. When the code looks like this… I’m not surprised I have no fps…
I mean, you’re using 108 globals. That’s a crazy amount.

There is no root cause for this lag because it’s caused by 5 different things.

maybe I can take another look later on a Macbook, but the coding is the problem, which would require an entire rework of the game.

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My game will not work if the globals aren’t there, I’m gonna have to scrap it…after so much hard work-

What are the globals doing? A roll of thumb I like to follow is if I’m ever using 5 of the behaviors of something there’s a chance it could be done easier. And definitely after 100

There sending values to a bunch of different objects. I mean, I can try to lower the amount of globals but I will have to go into every single bundle and remove them. I just give up.

It probably isn’t the number of globals, but the number of objects it’s being sent to. Do you know roughly how many are constantly getting these global updates?

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Umm…it’s hard to explain, the system I have is very complicated. I know all of the racers get global updates.

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