Hey @grazer, I was wondering if there could be a feature where you could see all players ids, For example, their database or what server they are playing in.

Game site = A website where all of the information and data of a certain game in flowlab is stored and information and data are send and received from the two different sites.

An API connecting the flowlab game with the game site with information and data.

And the game site. Where only the game creator and his team in flowlab would able to access it. And the creator of the game could go into the settings of the game site and could give how much permission to his team is able to access.


If a player is misbehaving in a game. The creator of the game or one of the moderators would able to ban him from the game, On the game site where all of the servers and player ids are stored like this image above.


Players-Online or offline(

The creator of the game could see if a certain player or all players are online or offline in the game. And that would send a message if the player is online or not online to the game site.



The creator of the game could shutdown all servers or shut down a few certain servers. And maybe the creator of the game could join one of the servers with only a click of a button.



Coins, Skins, In-game currency. And maybe the game creator could change the value of a player stats if a player misbehaves.


And about save behavior maybe I could put the URL of the game site and put it in the save behavior to send data from the game to the game site. It’s like a constant updating Trello list but filled with information and data.

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I agree that this is a good idea, but I think that the player should have the option to disable this

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@Ramshacklegamestudios Ye, I agree like a enable or disable button.

And maybe this feature is only available towards paying accounts.




P.s. I would stop tagging grazer on all of these requests you have. Your basically spamming his account with notifications

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Hey so some of this stuff (like the database part) might be feasible.

Some of it is not. For example - there is no “multiplayer server”. Multiplayer games are Peer-to-Peer, and sharded.

Also - a large majority of the time your players are not going to be logged in, so there is no way to know (usually) who is playing your game.

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Ohh ok ( 20 characters )

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Ye, I agree. I think that the database part is a good idea because I don’t want to lose all data of every player in a save behavior by clicking the delete key on my keyboard on accident.

what do you think @grazer ( Sorry for tagging you )

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