Goodbye? maybe?

i’m in a development limbo.
idea idea idea after idea.
but no proggess past that.
i imagine huge masterpeices that
im not skilled enough to fufill.
after two years of this ‘‘dev limbo’’
im thinking of quitting as a dev…
im not sure if i should continue.
should i?
but then you have people like @ManiacPumpkin
whose been working on a game for two years and has a sure master peice
and all i have is a little beetle named lee.
should i give up?
put the kight of ACEs and lee and grimm away?

im leaving up to you




It depends on what you want to do, every game doesn’t have to be perfect. Every time I do something I learn and I keep getting better and better.

These are 2 of the reasons why I make games (in order)

  1. Because I just enjoy doing it, this is a must. If you enjoy what you’re doing you’ll never work a day in your life.

  2. I love to see people’s reactions to the game, it motivates me to try and create innovative ideas and get better and better.

Idea after idea, what will come of it all?
What’s the point, what’s the goal?
Being a dev is about the rise and fall,
Sometimes just follow the fun, it’s not all about control

Sometimes you’ll make a work of art,
But if not, does that mean you should depart?

Each time you try a little and you learn,
Even when you crash and burn.

But if it is not in your heart to continue,
Then that’s alright and you pull apart.

But Flowlab will always be here,
Even if you need a break for a year.

So leave or come when you’re ready
Just make sure you’re steady


I wouldn’t give up so soon. Ge development isn’t no cake walk. It takes time and patience.

Sure you do need motivation from time to time, but I would recommend taking breaks from game development every now and then and hopefully return to it later.

There was a few times I stopped working on games completely, just to return to them months later. It helps clears things up in life and then gives me motivation to finish the games.

I know flowjams don’t seem much fun now, (some people are too sweaty, lol), but it’s a good idea to participate in them cause that helps motivate you to create a small simpler game that you can say you completed it.
I keep increasing my own expectations so most of my own games are trash (in my standards), but even making a game all the way through helps show how far you have gotten. I even wished I kept my first games I made, probably horrible, but it helps realizing how far I’ve gotten.

Some people make games based on the mood and end up losing motivation right after coming up with a simple design, I found a single story that can be every expanding and decided to make a game series (and book series soon) around it. It can always be updated when I want to and I can show everyone a world that I have made. That’s why I’ve kept motivation on this game for so long and still have.

I’m currently taking yet another break because someone on YouTube is hosting a Lego transformers challenge and I wanted to participate in that. Which helps regain my focus on my game making and that way I’m not slaving over the same thing all the time.

I must agree that game development is almost grind worthy since there’s a lot of code and art you have to spend time on to get right, but I must say it will all pay off on the end.


I think you should just choose your #1 favorite game that you made and finish it. Hone and polish it to perfection for everyone to enjoy and then relax unless you wanna make more games.

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stop pinging me you know im not going to be on here anymore

your not?
im going to miss you

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yea i made a topic about it because im going to a game engine called unity heres the link to it: Im leaving going to unity (sorry) - #36 by nhgcr_for_the_3rd_time (sorry off topic)