Grazer must see this suggestion

All behaviors with inputs which doesn’t send an output should be able to be connected with the output of the same behavior block.

If you don’t get it: It’s like the expression behavior, you can connect the out output to A or B. And they both don’t send an output. If the input can send an output, and you connect the output to the input. You can make an infinite loop, and we don’t want that of course.

Yes very confusing

I forgot to say the magical word.



Legends say grazer will comment

Wait… wut
You lost me at All

You want objects like Message and other dead end behaviors to be able to output?
I mean, Sound didn’t used to have an out, and now it has 3, so I guess you could.

I just want to be able to do this:

Connecting the output to an input of the same behavior block which doesn’t send an output to prevent infinite loops.

Imagine the once behavior as an “always”

I mean, you can connect the emit out to the switch off, but I understand what you mean now.

But there’s no output in the message behavior :c

Use a number

I’m too lazy to click logic & math, then click number, drag it to a good place and connect 2 lines.

That is terrible. Lol

but why is it only possible with the expression then :frowning:

Because it technically effects the next outputs value, meaning it is more important tenfold

I think is a pretty sensible suggestion - I’ll take a look at least to see how tricky it would be to implement.


I’ve been using a timer at 0 to lock a gate behind me. I also use a toggle switch as an (in) cluster when multiple objects can affect one object. I hate having tangled wires in serious projects.

Hey @“Mhx Ar” - I’m not 100% sure I understand what you mean by the timer at 0 thing. Are you saying that we need a type of construct just for organizing connections? Or is this something that would be solved by @CrimsonBlackGames’s suggestion of enabling loops back to non-pass-through inputs?

I connect a switch to a timer 0 that turns the switch off immediately, so you can’t activate something twice in the same second.

The wires thing is just a pet peeve when there are over 4 wires connecting to several objects, I just send them all through a gate like a bow tie, instead of having tons of crossing wires.

Here’s a visual example.


This was a timer. Say a Once turns on the switch, a collision goes in, and the timer turns the switch off, so collision won’t act several times in a second from bumping or something. The usefulness is varied. The suggestion is to have the switch turn itself off instead of a loop back.