Halo Armor Customizer (?)

Halo Armor Customizer is a test for the next Halo Flowlab multiplayer game, and might even carry over into the campaign (unless I ditch custom skins for player animations) and also doubles as an example. Here is the link: Flowlab Game Creator - Halo Armor Customizer

It features:
  • 12+ different Spartan colors
  • 10+ different visor colors
  • 6 different helmet attachments
  • 6 different chest attachments
  • 3 different Armor Cores
  • 2 background tracks
  • Cool startup screen
  • Halo 2 reference/easter egg somewhere
  • Upload custom John-Shrekinson-drawn Spartan sprites (like from Halo: Flowlab Evolved and its multiplayer version)
  • A custom loading screen courtesy of the new Flowlab update on February 4th, 2022.
  • Uniquely designed game cover with vertical text (seen above)





Added 6 new colors! Purple, white, cyan, orange, brown, and black.

Coming Soon

  • MJOLNIR MK V, MK V [B], MK VII, and Yoroi armor cores
  • More colors
  • More attachments

I now have a new plan: Add a new armor core every day until there aren’t any left to add, with 5 colors each. On the next day, add more colors to yesterday’s armor core and add a new armor core. I just added the MJOLNIR MK V [B] Armor Core. This is the armor famously worn by Noble Six in Halo: Reach.

Updates 2022-02-05
  • Added new colors to the MJOLNIR MK V [B] Armor Core!
  • Added the MJOLNIR MK VII Armor Core! This is the armor used by the Spartan IVs in Halo Infinite.
  • Added light theme
  • Finished MK VII Core

This Spartan’s head being tilted a bit downwards reminds me of this picture of Master Chief:


Which Armor Core would you like to see next?

  • a) Yoroi

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I don’t know how to draw Yoroi because I can’t find a good reference image (it is a fairly new armor) :frowning:.

Because of this, I will make the MK V instead.


this is nice, but I would really like if you could change the helmet itself, since my favourite infinite helmets are ODST and EVA.
I would say taking the head off of the base model and making helmets as attachments as well should work well. if you still need the hitbox, maybe make a black sphere that stretches up to the height you neeed, than can be covered up by equipped helmets?


Ok, I’ll try that.

Also I just added the MJOLNIR MK V (Master Chief’s armor in Halo: Combat Evolved) Armor Core everyone!

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The game is in a weird state right now because I am making an enormous update, so expect some things to not work properly.

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I am going to eat now; more updates tomorrow (this is a HUGE upgrade).


I don’t know if this helmet update is possible. I’ve figured out how to make it and I know how to horizontally align it properly, but the misalignment is vertical now. Unlike the visors, chest attachments, and helmet attachments, the helmets are vertically misaligned. Please try out the MK VI Core and let me know if this is an issue for you. On the bright side, I ditched the keyboard shortcuts for Armor Core switching in favor of a main menu. Restart the game to return to it.

You know what? Screw this last post of mine. It may be a bit controversial, and difficult, but I finally figured out a way around this. You will now have to manually copy and paste your desired helmet from the Helmet object and paste it onto your Spartan’s head (erase their existing helmet first). After this, I’ll focus on Elite customization.

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HAC Community Update Update April 3rd, 2022

Exactly what the title says. Elites are gonna take a while. I believe that the Sangheili (Elite) customization will be more similar to Halo Reach than Halo 3, but I’m not really sure.

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You could use Cloud Saves to upload a custom suit’s parameters to an in game sharing system and download other people’s suits
You could also probably use this example as a base for the sharing system


Sounds amazing, but I haven’t the slightest clue how to use the Cloud behavior.

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Ok, I made new instructions. This is not what you were expecting, but I hope it helps nonetheless.

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Camouflage Master Chief (based on the POP figure)

halo infinite master chief camoflauge
Here’s Chief without the camouflage if you want to apply it to your own Spartan:
halo spartan camoflauge overlay
FYI, the camouflage is designed to fit on MJOLNIR MK 6 armor.

Also, have this video compilation of Bungie playtesting Halo 3 because why not

11 minutes of bungie playtesting halo 3 - YouTube

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Thanks for sharing its solution.

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