Health Bar

How do I make a health bar for the character and the enemies?

Go into behaviors, add a bar.
Make whatever collision go to (in)"-1" to (+) “number 100” to the bars value.

thank you also how do make the health bar at the top left/right hand corner of the screen?

I explained it in your topic :slight_smile:

The bar stays down when I restart.

I cant figure out how to make the hero take damage, anyone wanna help?

btw yes i know it looks like Link from The Legend Of Zelda, i am trying to think of a new design.

Uhhhh… acts fine with me, just make A also use hiver boots

Yeah, i had figured it out afterwards lol

What I’d do is just expirement, and if you cant figure out what something does, use “whats this?” on a selected object.


Mhx, I added a bar. But There is only current value, and Max value. Will you help me with this please?

This topic is from 2013, it’s 4 years old. I haven’t used the new bars. Maybe one of the community members can help you.

What’s the problem?

how do i put the health bar so it can be on the enimie when it moves

@JeffyBoi123 you can have the health bar constantly extract the position of the enemy and then move out to its location. You can also then use a (A+B) variable block, and plug in another number to it so you can modify where exactly it is. If it doesnt work with a normal health bar you can always create your own sprite, add animations frames and then code it so at certain values it changes to that frame. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

@soethan1 can you show me a screenshot

ill try to make one, one sec

Annotation 2020-03-11 111426

this is the very basic setup i made. the 30 is where you can adjust how high above the health bar sits, and this doesnt include the health bar code. hope it helps! @JeffyBoi123

so does the setup belong in the health bar or the sprite with the health bar